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CSY-44 Antigua - Hull 001

anchor chain marking time again

14 September 2020
Dean Perry
out of order.... but it's Anchor Chain Marking Time again.... (seasonal)....
This year we chose ALL YELLOW... industrial, Quick drying "YELLOW".... for all the markings (every 25 feet)....

The "yellow" and the RED seemed to hold up the best.... but RED is harder to SEE paying out over the bow roller, AT NIGHT !!!

SO... yellow it is...

Anchor had it's BLACK touched up too.... Not bad for a mornings work....

blow out vent lines for Fuel tanks

14 September 2020 | Catskill Marina
Dean Perry | Windy day today
Blowing out the vent lines (Scuba tank with air hose nozzle rig)
Re-marked anchor chain Back onboard early this morning, and Magma grille on aft deck cleaned and degreased.
Nothing in vent lines ( fuel tanks )
Cruiser friend (Paul from Minnesota ) coming over shortly with home made wine
Should be a nice afternoon.

BIG Time shopping and PICK UP DAY !!!

12 September 2020
Dean Perry
After the raw water hoses were replaced on the Perkins 4236 (main engine); It was tested and passed... .YEAH !!!
The next day I ran the Northern Lights Generator (6 kW).... to keep that lubricated (upper end).... and to check out that side of the Battery Charger System....

Today (Saturday) was pick up day for the four scuba tanks....( needed Hydro / Visual /and AIR FILLs)... $$$$
But they all passed... so that was GOOD !!!

They were filling them this AM... so Susan and I ran most of the other errands ahead of our visit to the DIVE SHOP..... West Marine (stop for US and "second wind"....) then the PET STORE... for small pet bedding (ASPEN shavings)....; then Drug store (CVS in Scotia)... for prescriptions.... THEN..... FINALLY the Dive Shop....

SO.... Now everything is back on board AB... and we're about to leave for dinner with some fellow boaters.... (Zelkers)....

I think that with all the driving, and shopping today... tonight will be a short one....

More later. PIC shows only a small portion of the hoses that were changed.

New freezer condenser FAN installed

04 September 2020 | Catskill Marina
Dean Perry | Sunny and WARM
AS it turns out... installing the new condenser FAN for the Frigaboat condenser was not a big deal, at all.... you just take off the fan shroud (black plastic).... and the fan is attached to it.... just unscrew / unplug the fan from the controller / and replace with the new one.... One / two / three !!!

SO....the OLD freezer is "back in business" !!
Yeah !

AND a new spare fan has been ordered from the dealer... ONE Warning though..... the fan must be one with a 0.38 Ampere Full Load amps... (a lot of pancake type fans have 0.8 +/- amp rating.... they will trip the Frigaboat controller off line)

Freezer condenser FAN - failed completely this AM

03 September 2020
Dean Perry
WELL..... as luck would have it... the OLD Freezer Condenser FAN failed completely this morning...about 1130 hours.... (at least it waited until daylight; usually these things FAIL just before normal bedtime). :(

SO....I have a spare fan... Which I'll install this PM... I hope.... I've never really taken one of these Capri 50 compressor units Apart... BUT, it doesn't look that hard....

I'm thanking my lucky stars that we have the Engle Freezer in the V-Berth... (touch wood here)!!!

the port side of the PERKINS (main engine) has all new hoses on both the coolant and raw water systems..... tomorrow the starboard side...
(I hope)....
The main potable water pump just began to make a strange noise.... It pumps water, same as always..... same rate... same pressure... BUT makes quite a racket.

two flashes on freezer - warning

03 September 2020
Dean Perry
WELL... interesting occurance... AFTER we picked up the 1-1/8 hose from NAPA for the Raw Water hose replacement project... we were doing some small projects around the AB... I noticed that the freezer temperature (the old Frigaboat freezer under the frig... not the new Engle) was rising...

HUMMM then I noticed that controller head end was giving me TWO FLASHES as a malady warning.... Hummm In all the years I've been playing with these systems, I had never seen a two flash warning.... OUT comes the manuals.

two flashes == condenser FAN overload...
Better take a closer look...sure enough... COIL completely covered in DUST.... strange... the Refrigerator unit sitting not two feet way... is clean as a whistle...... SO... vacuum dust... / reset controller / check connections / restart....
WORKS.............. YEaH !!!

NOW ... on to raw water hose replacement
Vessel Name: Autumn Borne
Vessel Make/Model: CSY-44-Antigua
Hailing Port: Buffalo, New York
Crew: Dean and Susan Perry
About: Full time cruisers for 14 years, now. We cruise about 3500 nautical miles each season, from the top of the Hudson River (NY) to either the FL keys; the Bahamas; or the west side of FL, for the Winters.
Extra: Our CSY-44-Antigua is hull #001.
Autumn Borne's Photos - Dinner at the Condo - Boot Key Harbor - 2014
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Sunset from the condo roof.  Sun setting right behind the 7-Mile Bridge.  Gorgeous!
the Ladies of this evening... Spaghetti Dinner at the Condo... 
(Kathy; Ondra; Tess; Susan).
the Men of the day...  on the roof of the condo... (Earl; Dean; Nelson; Tony).
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