Autumn Borne Cruising

04 December 2019
02 December 2019 | St Marys GA -- SMBS
01 December 2019 | SMBS
30 November 2019 | Saint Marys Boat services & Old Saint Marys GA
29 November 2019 | St Marys GA -- SMBS
21 November 2019 | Cumberland Island GA
19 November 2019 | Wahlberg Creek off the Saint Catherines sound
15 November 2019 | Skull Creek
14 November 2019 | South of Beaufort Mooring field (at anchor)
13 November 2019 | Fenwick Island on the South Edisto River
12 November 2019 | Ashley river - Charleston SC
06 November 2019 | Carolina Beach Mooring Field
05 November 2019 | Mile Hammock Bay (USMC)
03 November 2019 | bayboro NC
03 November 2019 | Bayboro NC (near New Bern)

New House Batteries --

04 December 2019
Dean Perry
the new Lifeline Batteries showed up this morning... and the yard used the forklift to lift them (92 # each) to the deck height.

this afternoon...We exchanged the New LifeLines for those in Battery SET #2...
That is now complete.... Tomorrow (Thursday) We'll complete Battery SET #1...

Then have the cores palatalized and get them ready for pickup by the battery "man"... from Jacksonville, FL.

This afternoon, Andy, and I rode down to a local hardware store for "STUFF"... I bought some fittings for the watermaker ( the valve that controls the flow from JUG to TANK OR OFF simply BROKE)... So I've got a replacement from ship stores...but needed some small fittings to adapt it to our watermaker discharge.
SO.... that project is ready to GO after the batteries... get done


03 December 2019
Dean Perry | BRRRRRRR
WELL... it happened... again... ICE on the AB's DECK this morning...
I carefully went out this AM for two additional propane cylinders for the heater.... and WHOA !!! (slippery !!! )...

The OIL lamps are going... the heater is now going...CBS News is on the TVs... The day has begun...

The yard is working as usual...although everyone is dressed differently than "normal"...

OUR "battery guy" called yesterday...with delivery information... House batteries will show up here at the marina on WED. AM... SO by Wednesday night we should have brand new batteries to power AB... (after 8+ years these batteries really don't owe us anything...). I hope these next ones are as good.

Rocky or Kevin will lift the pallet of batteries up to deck height of AB, so I don't have to lug the batteries up a ladder.... Wonderful !!!

OK... On with the day... NO PIC of frozen dew!!

Cyber Monday

02 December 2019 | St Marys GA -- SMBS
Dean Perry | windy -- Sunny
cyber MONDAY, Morning, and I've already done my part for keeping the economy up and running... !!!

Checked in with SSB this morning on Cruiseheimers NET... fixed breakfast, and started to clean out engine room for today's work on Northern Lights Generator ( change out raw water pump, and clean up wet exhaust elbow [ generator used so lightly that elbow carbons up after a couple years]).

Yesterday started to replace all the pencil Zincs around the Perkins (Main) Engine. one to go today...

must "fresh-water flush" water maker too... or pickle it... we'll be gone nearly a month...

WELL.. best get working... more later.

Sunday - Morning --

01 December 2019 | SMBS
Dean Perry | Sunny warm, and windy
Sunday Morning... easy AM...Watching "sunday Morning" on CBS... Starting more "inside" projects today... (yesterday, I replaced the Forward Solar Panel controller.... that had malfunctioned... (loosing half of the digital display).... (I'll send that one back to the manufacturer with a letter... It lasted just 1-1/2 months... just over the time allowed to send it back).

Today, I'll start on the engines... (Generator, and Perkins)...

the car is rented for December... and we were a part of the Black Friday $$$ buying some presents ON-Line, in the PM...

Last night we retired to the aft cabin after dinner, and watched a "christmas movie" calle "A Prince for Christmas"... IT was Filmed in our home town of East Aurora, NY. It was fun picking out the familiar landmarks, like Vidler's 5&10; restaurants; etc.

Friday -- Yacht Club cocktail Party

30 November 2019 | Saint Marys Boat services & Old Saint Marys GA
Dean Perry | sunny and warm
Friday night was the close to the St. Marys Thanksgiving weeks activities; Closing with a cocktail party at a local restaurant. VERY NICE event...
Andy and Kathy drove us over there... and also seemed to have a good time...

The day was filled with small projects... The biggie yesterday was "propane"... During breakfast the starboard 20# tank ran out of fuel... (amazing that it lasted through the cooking of the 'sweet potato casserole' for Thanksgiving... Oven / Broiler, etc.

Andy drove me over to the ACE Hardware store, where we got the propane tank filled, and some Muriatic acid... ( Andy's using it on his deck, and we may use it to assist in cleaning the Generator's wet exhaust elbow)...

SO... propane tank (starboard) is again Bolted into the coaming... and all is good...
I may have to weigh the grille's 10# tank before long... we've been grilling out lately...(in the warm weather....).

St. Marys Thanksgiving -- and day after

29 November 2019 | St Marys GA -- SMBS
Dean Perry | sunny with gnats
Friday... 29 NOV 2019 - Day AFTER Thanksgiving -- St. Marys GA
TGIF... Black Friday... Thanksgiving day celebrations were a great success here at St. Marys GA... We attended the celebrations with other cruisers at the old hotel (Seagle's Saloon)... albeit there were less people there than ever before.... More than 50% were Wally Moran's folks (on the Rally to the Sun)...The other big percentage was from our boat yard at Rocky's...
SO........... the food and the comradery were good.... The day went well.... BIG meal even followed by a small NAP in the PM.... And then we watched the BILLs BEAT the Dallas cowboys.... What a thrill to have that happen (at DALLAS).... Wow...
The Bills looked really SOLID..... very few mistakes... moving the ball well... and with purpose.... Wow... QB ALLEN.... Seemed very GOOD !!!!
OUR 'sweet potato casserole' with marshmallows on top (browned in the oven / broiler)... was consumed to the last spoonful.... Others must have liked it as much as I did..... YUMMMM
AND.... Our oven and broiler worked perfectly..... SURPRISE !!! Obviously we don't use it that much.... (when in the islands... heats up the boat too much.... BUT now that I know how well it works, I may look for some receipes that need it.... Especially in some of these cold mornings...
SURPRISE... again this AM...while making breakfast....we ran out of propane on the PORT Tank (20#)...
Talk about timing .... Started using that tank 9/11/2019 at HON... WOW... our average is 75 days per 20# tank.... This tank was 78 days.... To Empty.... FUNNY the things that cruisers keep track of...
75 days for propane... 1 month for coffee can.... Etc.
SO...................... Today may be propane day, as well as St. Marys Yacht club cocktail party...
Projects... I've finished with the waxing, and gelcoat stuff outside... NOW comes all the INSIDE projects... Mostly Mechanical stuff.... And one BIG electrical project... (new HOUSE batteries)... and one small electrical VHF Radio at nav sta... (needs new power feed from Breaker panel).
MORE Later...
Vessel Name: Autumn Borne
Vessel Make/Model: CSY-44-Antigua
Hailing Port: Buffalo, New York
Crew: Dean and Susan Perry
About: Full time cruisers for 14 years, now. We cruise about 3500 nautical miles each season, from the top of the Hudson River (NY) to either the FL keys; the Bahamas; or the west side of FL, for the Winters.
Extra: Our CSY-44-Antigua is hull #001.
Autumn Borne's Photos - Beaufort SC and St. Marys GA
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"Boomer" Nuclear Sub going to sea at Cumberland Island.   Lot
Autumn Borne at Cumberland Island anchorage.
Dinner with Anne and John Fazzio. It was their anniversary.   Dinner at the Fat Tuna, in Georgetown SC.
Thanksgiving Dinner at the Riverside Hotel in St. Marys GA, with great cruising friends. 
(Crews from s/v Ilene, and s/v Summer Wind are present at our table.)
Breakfast with Benny and Lisa in Beaufort SC.  I think it was the Blackforest Cafe
again.... breakfast with the crew from s/v "Rhiannon".