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10 December 2019 | St Marys GA -- SMBS
07 December 2019 | SMBS
06 December 2019 | St Marys GA -- SMBS
04 December 2019
02 December 2019 | St Marys GA -- SMBS
01 December 2019 | SMBS
30 November 2019 | Saint Marys Boat services & Old Saint Marys GA
29 November 2019 | St Marys GA -- SMBS
21 November 2019 | Cumberland Island GA
19 November 2019 | Wahlberg Creek off the Saint Catherines sound
15 November 2019 | Skull Creek
14 November 2019 | South of Beaufort Mooring field (at anchor)
13 November 2019 | Fenwick Island on the South Edisto River
12 November 2019 | Ashley river - Charleston SC

Water maker diversion VALVE - Tank OR JUG

10 December 2019
Dean Perry
The pic below is of the new location for the NEW (replacement) diversion valve for the watermaker's made water.

the OLD valve had the control handle break completely away from the diverter mechanism... so there was NO control as to where the water was going.. .(tank JUG, or No where)...

This location should work well.... mounted to the side of a drawer (box)... in the WORK BENCH in the engine ROOM....
(easily reachable while you're working the controls for the watermaker).

one more view of elbow - Generator wet Exhaust

10 December 2019 | St Marys GA -- SMBS
Dean Perry | sunny and warm 81F high today
One more view of wet Exhaust Elbow... after clean up, using muriatic acid.

the new batteries are wonderful... when you turn off the shore power for a while, or put heavy load on them... Then turn shore power ( simulating an ON-Board Generator RUN)... the BULK charging rate is VERY HIGH... (like 22 AMPs... then Quickly drops OFF... as the charger goes toward Absorption phase... the it times out into FLOAT MODE.... JUST like it's supposed to....

(The old batteries would sometimes take a good first charge (BULK)... but then sometimes only charge at a rate of about 11 AMPS... no Matter how far down they were drawn... (NOT GOOD)...

SO............... Today is Christmas shopping day... WE'LL see if we can make a dent ON IT...
without leaving the boat... (seeing as we have NO CAR.... YET )...

Muriatic acid clean up of parts

07 December 2019 | SMBS
Dean Perry
Saturday - 7 DEC 2019 ---

Muriatic ACID... bath...for WET ELBOW; and Heat Exchanger core
This was a good day... I cleaned up the Generator's wet exhaust Elbow, and the heat exchanger core (shell and TUBE)... using a shallow pan of slightly diluted Muriatic acid....

Wow... what a difference in these items...
The carbon deposits in the Wet Exhaust elbow are gone... and FULL water flow to the exhaust should be there when we re-start the Generator unit... (I thought... before I started cleaning the elbow that I was "hearing" a little more Exhaust TONE... and a little less water noise...)...

The core of the heat exchanger looked ok to begin with... but NOW it looks like NEW.
So... tomorrow, Sunday, I'll try to put all the pieces back together.... And put the Generator (all 375 lbs) back where it's supposed to be... (had to pull it forward and AFT to work on the exhaust...)

I did give the couple next door (s/v Cosmic Convergence).. a length of chain to insert between his Rocna, and a swivel.... Then when we were discussing how his anchor (Rocna).. returns to the anchor roller we LOOKED UP at the roller... and what do you know... His roller and the ½" diameter PIN was completely missing... OOOPS ..... WELL... that would make it a little harder to retrieve the anchor. SO.. .he's got ONE more project...

Batteries installed -- GREAT

06 December 2019 | St Marys GA -- SMBS
Dean Perry | sunny outside -- cold inside
Friday 6 DEC 2019 -- Happy with New AGM batteries (touch wood here)
Good Morning… WELL…. Last night I turned off the shore power electric service…. To the AB… just to see how the new batteries would react to the “boat Load”… of refrigerator (set LOW)… and freeze (set lower than normal)…. And I was very, very pleased this morning… when we rose from sleep….
Both battery sets were up in the 12.75 to 12 .8 volt range….after a night’s “boat Load”…. (the caveat being that it was pretty chilly last night… so the cooling loads were LOW)…
BUT… still …. When I turned the shore power ON… this AM… the charge rate was in the range that It should have been in…. and quickly turned from BULK / Absorption to float…. VERY NICE Indeed !!!
Today… Nelson and Mary are coming for breakfast…. Then I’ll start on the Generator PROJECTS… (cleaning of the Wet Exhaust Elbow… and replacement of the raw water PUMP...(keeping this one for spare… it only leaks a little OIL… not water… )
The elbow is the critical part…. When it clogs the engine requires a few more turns to start when cold…. NOT GOOD…. But typical…
Our good friend Marty Besant wrote last night… about his time as “Caregiver” out in the San Francisco area, with his sister-in-law, Jean… Wow… His story this morning really HIT ME hard.. I feel so sorry for his pain, but admire his spirit, and duty to stay there and take care of Jean in her hours of need.
SO…………… on with this DAY…. Coffee and a bagel consumed, but still hungry for breakfast….
Sunny and warm outside… BUT when out of the water the Thick HULL of AB holds the COLD like you would NOT believe !!! Descending into the companion way is like walking into a cold CAVE….

New House Batteries --

04 December 2019
Dean Perry
the new Lifeline Batteries showed up this morning... and the yard used the forklift to lift them (92 # each) to the deck height.

this afternoon...We exchanged the New LifeLines for those in Battery SET #2...
That is now complete.... Tomorrow (Thursday) We'll complete Battery SET #1...

Then have the cores palatalized and get them ready for pickup by the battery "man"... from Jacksonville, FL.

This afternoon, Andy, and I rode down to a local hardware store for "STUFF"... I bought some fittings for the watermaker ( the valve that controls the flow from JUG to TANK OR OFF simply BROKE)... So I've got a replacement from ship stores...but needed some small fittings to adapt it to our watermaker discharge.
SO.... that project is ready to GO after the batteries... get done


03 December 2019
Dean Perry | BRRRRRRR
WELL... it happened... again... ICE on the AB's DECK this morning...
I carefully went out this AM for two additional propane cylinders for the heater.... and WHOA !!! (slippery !!! )...

The OIL lamps are going... the heater is now going...CBS News is on the TVs... The day has begun...

The yard is working as usual...although everyone is dressed differently than "normal"...

OUR "battery guy" called yesterday...with delivery information... House batteries will show up here at the marina on WED. AM... SO by Wednesday night we should have brand new batteries to power AB... (after 8+ years these batteries really don't owe us anything...). I hope these next ones are as good.

Rocky or Kevin will lift the pallet of batteries up to deck height of AB, so I don't have to lug the batteries up a ladder.... Wonderful !!!

OK... On with the day... NO PIC of frozen dew!!
Vessel Name: Autumn Borne
Vessel Make/Model: CSY-44-Antigua
Hailing Port: Buffalo, New York
Crew: Dean and Susan Perry
About: Full time cruisers for 14 years, now. We cruise about 3500 nautical miles each season, from the top of the Hudson River (NY) to either the FL keys; the Bahamas; or the west side of FL, for the Winters.
Extra: Our CSY-44-Antigua is hull #001.
Autumn Borne's Photos - Preparing AB for 2018 / 2019 trip SOUTH
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Topside PAINT: painting of radar pole, and anchor windless (not shown)
new JACK Lines : for safety, new jacklines, ordered; fit to port and starboard sides, and sewed in final config.
fuel pump: order spare
Belaying pins, and other varnishing: maintenance work on brightwork
Anchor Roller work: everything disassembled; lubed; and reassembled
Black anchor : easier to SEE on coral and white sand bottoms