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CSY-44 Antigua - Hull 001

Back at HON marina for the SUMMER... BUT...

16 June 2020 | HON marina - Catskill NY
Dean Perry
WELL...we're back at HON (Hop-O-Nose) marina for the Summer of 2020...
BUT.............. due to a number of circumstances my blog entries were MINIMAL.... this Spring.

For that tardiness, I apologize... SO....... I'm going to try to make it up somehow... by back dating some of OUR LOG entries... and GPS locations (of anchorages...)... Don't really know if that will :)

last week here at VERO Beach FL

15 April 2020 | VERO BEACH FL
Dean Perry | windy and HOT - 93F
we're on the final week of our winter here at VERO BEACH, FL... Last paid up date is 20 April....
If we can successfully get our last grocery delivery Tomorrow or Friday.... (using INSTACART) SHOPPER...
we'll store... add fuel and water and drop mooring lines on Monday or so....
(weather dependent...)

We'll then start slowly NORTH.... meeting up with two other sailing vessels (full time cruisers)... ONE just up the road here in Melbourne (s/v Second Wind), and the other in Oriental NC (s/v LaBella Vita- Pete and Bunny).

we'll all, eventually, be going to Catskill NY .... and our home port of Hop-O-Nose marina.... (even if closed.... has a place for us....)

When we say that "living on a sailing vessel makes Every DAY and ADVENTURE"... we're not kidding.... I got next to no sleep last night...Right before bed-time... the main potable water pump ran out of water.... even though the tank from which it was drawing LOOKED full.... SO All night long I wondered about the solution... LEAK... ?? NO... Believe it or not... I had to BURP the tank (it was full of AIR... so it looked full... but had very little water in it... Weird but TRUE !!

Now... assuming that the water crisis is OVER... today will be electrical day... wiring the new freezer, and the old refrigerator / Freezer. AND making the AB ready for SEA !!!!
Mains'l is uncovered now.... ready to raise... but too windy... right now...
We had the Yankee (fores'l) out and drawing yesterday...
Stays'l still in bag... but that's on the agenda too...

we'll go slow enough, this year going north... that we may actually get to use those things... (i.e. sails)...

OK... on with the day... HOT DAY here again.. today.. .yesterday afternoon it was 93F and the boat was NOT all night long....

Sunday = Day or REST of Refrig re-wiring

05 April 2020
Dean Perry
Susan and I have extended out stay here in Vero Beach for at least a month... to sit PART of this Virus thing OUT....
NOT that one month will do anything significant.
(Unfortunately) !!!

cabin fever:
We do run around the harbor here.. and socialize... (special social procedures... in that we stay in the dinghy and the visited folks stay on their boat... ) or the other way around if WE are the visited party.

And we can get Fuel and WATER .. here.. and this morning we finally got through to our INSTACART shopper... who shops for us... while quarantined...

With Fuel and WATER available...we can make power (Generator or engine)...anytime.... and make other essential things like milk;
(although Susan is not crazy about the thought of "making milk".....

OUR first Delivery via "Instacart"..... is "sometime" between Sunday PM and WED.
(They deliver right to dinghy dock).

SO...... In the last couple of weeks, we’ve been having some refrigeration / freezer problems... so we have 90% of our MEAT stored at a friends house in VERO Beach... and WE’ve purchased a new self-contained freezer (Engle 84 qt.)... that comes tomorrow...

Then, I hope to modify the operation of the existing units (refrig/ freezer) who’s INSULATION IS TOTALLY COMPROMISED (AS IN WET)... until we get home to Hop-O-Nose... Until then I hope to turn the existing freezer into another refrig..(i.e. operating at higher than normal freezing temps.. right below the refrig...). And use the NEW Engle FREEZer as the REAL food freezer...
WE’ll Let you know how this all works in a week or so...

SO......We’ll probably leave VERO Beach at the end of this month... (more or less the normal departure time for AB to the north...
there's all sorts of RUMORS floating (no Pun) around regarding the closing of the ICW, and navigation restrictions.... BUT I'm going to assume that we're obvious FULL TIME CRUISERS, AND if we're making way toward HOME... and not stopping at marinas, or towns.... they ( police or whomever) won't bother us....

We’re hoping to have our normal spots at HON... We have written and called Sean Meager at HON... (no answer yet)... but I have been in contact with his Wife on FB (Fingers crossed)...

Susan and I have been discussing ONE major PROJECT for this summer at HON... and that's the ripping out OF the Built in REFRIG / Freezer, and installation of a self-contained, over and under, freezer, Refrigerator like the NORCOLD 0061 unit.... Supposedly this unit would be very efficient... with modern insulation, and modern compressor, and control systems.
(IT has got to be miles ahead of this current system with 4 inches of totally WET INsulation....

OK... SO that’s the story from here...
PIC is OF JUNK taken off back wall of Engine Room... Unused for years...

day of projects - Filters for Water maker

27 March 2020 | Vero beach
Dean Perry
Good Evening…. Today was a day of projects on AB… No BIGGIE, as that’s primarily what our days consist of NOW… (self Quarantining on AB at VERO BEACH FL)
One of the pics below (or above)… is of demolition stuff take from Engine room back wall….
Gobs of unused duct, scroll fans, thermostats,
And tubing removed from AB this morning ( while changing water-maker filters)
So one project leads to many ( as is so Many times the case on a sailing vessel)

The second picture is of filters… 10 inch long 30 micron and 5 micron
Not that it was a great mystery or surprise, but we found the source of our slightly “high” PPM ( parts per million) in our made water ( watermaker on board)

Normally we’d use the watermaker in the islands, ocean or Chesapeake bay ( fairly clean salt water), but this year ( stuck in vero I decided NOT to pickle it with biocides, but use it a little every other day or two.

Anyway, you can see this harbor is not quite as clean or clear as the ocean.
No need to tell you which filters are new, and which have just been removed.

By the way, the salt content of the finished product really didn’t change
( made water still tasted great)!

I’ll just have to be a little more concerned, and a lot quicker on changing the 30 micron unit.
The remainder of the day was replacing items in some meaningful order on the back wall of the engine room -- V-belts for the Generator and the Perkins 4236; Electrical cords; Heat gun; trouble lights; etc.
Restoring the extra filters… and inventorying same…. Then once that was done…. I made a RUN to shore for more city potable water, and a garbage dump…(duct; t-stats; and tubing tossed)…
Nice CONCH blow at Sundown… joined in tonight by many boaters… NICE!!
tomorrow might be “defrost the freezer day” or it might be sand the exterior TEAK…. Depends upon the weather….
OK… on with the NIGHT !!! to tell you the truth…the awake portion of tonight might be short…. Busy day !!

Beginning of new BLOG Season - Northerly TRIP pending

25 March 2020 | VERO BEACH FL
Dean Perry | sunny and windy -- 81F high
Hummmm …. I sit here now to write a General Email, and update to the BLOG… and I realize it’s been ages since I’ve done either…. Wow… How unlike ME (dean)…. ;)
And I haven’t sent any technical pictures of modifications to AB Plumbing systems… (especially to my technical consultant on those matters – Karyl Pomerhn….)
Today is another gorgeous day in Vero Beach FL… High of around 81F – low 67F… sunny and puffy clouds…. I guess they (land dwellers) really need some rain…BUT…the forecast has NONE in the foreseeable future… like 7 days… ;) SO… Today could turn into LEAK SEALING day for the deck and hardware…. Instead of “defrost the freezer” day… FUN WOW!!
Our friends on “Dalmatian” dropped the mooring lines this morning, and headed south to Fort Pierce… for an outside HOP (ocean) toward St. Marys GA…. Their monthly mooring rent was “UP” yesterday… We (AB) extended for another 3 to 4 weeks…. (I say 3 to 4 because we may go stir crazy and leave before our rent is over)…. BUT the state of the WORLD (aka Corona Virus “covid-19”) could have a LOT to say about our travels…. The Bahamas closed it’s doors to travelers; The Florida KEYS has CLOSED with a police checkpoint on Route 1 at the top of the keys… permitting only residents, and trucks with supplies to go south toward Key WEST…
This morning we heard that Maryland had closed ALL marinas… SO… that concerns us… in that we normally top off fuel in Solomons MD; and that load of fuel takes us up to the top of the HUDSON River… and “HOME”… SO…………….. that’s a concern….
YES… we have a sailing vessel, and will undoubtedly do a LOT more pure sailing on the way north this year…. BUT… the WIND is a very fluky thing…. 90% of the time it’s in a BAD direction for sailing in a northerly direction…. (just the way it is…)
SO… you can sit and wait for the wind to “clock around”… OR you can make some miles using the engine… (with assist from a sail or two)…. ( Which turns out to be OUR NORM…. )
Miami closed every marina a couple of days ago…after the photos of the “kids” at Lake BOCA made national news… partying and gathering in tight bunches… Hundreds of boat… Today they (Miami) are “walking back” some of the closures after someone pointed out that many people LIVE in those marinas…and need services…. OOOPS !!!
We’re hoping that the Knee-Jerk reaction of “closing everything”… gets modified for the BETTER over the next few weeks…. And NOT for the WORSE….
We hoping that there’s great promise in this Hydroxl-chloroquin (our old malaria drug from Viet Nam) as a cure, or helper to mitigate this Covid-19….

I think we’ve straightened out all of our banking and credit card problems… that’s a relief… NOW… our main goal is to STAY healthy… Self-Isolate…. KEEP the boat ready at all times (to go if needed) FUEL; water; and FOOD; and bottom clean… (that’s going to take another dive underneath by ME)… fortunately the water is warming significantly, since my last dive on her….) This time I’ll just use the BC/tank and snorkel stuff.. NO Wetsuit… that combo gives significant freedom when compared to the HOOKA rig…40 feet air tether….

OK…. SO………. We have been running the main engine every few days… (just to keep her ready)…. LUBE OILS have been changed on both the main Perkins, and the Northern Lights GENERATOR…. Today or tomorrow I’ll complete the changes on the WATERMAKER filters (30 micron & 5 micron)…. So that that system is up and ready to go…. (we’ve been making water every few days… to keep the membrane viable, and clean)….. We’re testing a little HIGH now in PPM, but taste is GOOD so probably particulates from dirty filters…. This harbor is NOT like the Ocean… or even Chesapeake Bay…
I guess I’d better get to this day’s projects…. LEAK Sealing… and maybe freezer (defrost)…

Sunday / Monday - FUEL DAY - Social Distancing -

16 March 2020 | Vero Beach FL - Mooring field
Dean Perry | sunny and 80F
Good morning.... Busy day yesterday... even though it was Sunday...
Yesterday turned out to be a “FUEL (diesel) day”.... While looking for something else in the v-berth.. I uncovered the access to the forward fuel tank measuring tube... SO.. I measured.. yep.. 50+ gallons.. just like I had figured...and had written on the “magic erase board opposite the galley... SO..... the day became FUEL DAY... after three trips to the fuel dock with Jerry CANS.. we’re NOW full of fuel.. both mid-ship and Bow tank... I guess we’re ready... to go north...
(Social distancing.. etc.)...

I did find some Toilet Paper in one of the lockers; SO.. we may have to lay in some MEAT...for suppers, and cereal for breakfast... BUT I guess we’re SET...
EGGS would be good too, for a while.

Worked through the normal Happy Hour... last night.. so went for tiny dinghy ride at 1800 hours.. Talked with Libby and Grant...(s/v Nightengale).... for a short bit...

I checked into the High Frequency NET this morning.. (8152 kHz) SSB.. and mentioned our dinghy Drift, as our attempt at “social distancing”.. 2 tubes in between and NO passing of munchies between dinghies...

today WILL be “plumbing DAY” in that I have to re-plumb the forward head sink drain, and wash water pump supply lines... (having converted the forward head to a water-free Composting Head...

SO....... I’d best get to IT....
take care.. stay as safe as YOU can..
and don’t let this endless TV coverage of the virus... make you crazy!!!
Vessel Name: Autumn Borne
Vessel Make/Model: CSY-44-Antigua
Hailing Port: Buffalo, New York
Crew: Dean and Susan Perry
About: Full time cruisers for 14 years, now. We cruise about 3500 nautical miles each season, from the top of the Hudson River (NY) to either the FL keys; the Bahamas; or the west side of FL, for the Winters.
Extra: Our CSY-44-Antigua is hull #001.
Autumn Borne's Photos - Summer 2019 Projects
Photos 1 to 8 of 8 | Main
Wind VANE work : new strengthening bar welded to Monitor Wind Vane, after NJ storm
Strong track deteriorization - UV: strong track problem
Strong Track for mains
Aft Head Pump rebuild: rebuilding the Aft Head Suction Pump (Lavac system) 
Main rubber diaphragm began to "spit" liquid (YUCK)  !!   Needed work. 
SO, we used one of the spare rebuilding kits....  Like NEW Now !!!
AFT DECK storage box - re-sealed: Aft deck storage box - cleaned and resealed to deck
Scuba tank valve covers : new valve covers for Scuba Tanks - keep jib sheets from fouling tank valve heads
New suction piping : new suction piping on Generator Raw Water cooling pump.  (much fairer lead IN to raw water pump... 
Plus old hose was "rotten"....  Long life at that location... Needed changing.
chain marking time : every 25 feet  
Yellow "john Deere" yellow seems to hold up the best, but it