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21 October 2020 | Atlantic Highlands NJ
16 October 2020 | catskill creek marina
26 September 2020 | Hudson River
14 September 2020 | Catskill Marina
04 September 2020 | Catskill Marina
01 September 2020 | Hudson River
24 August 2020 | catskill creek marina
16 June 2020 | HON marina - Catskill NY
15 April 2020 | VERO BEACH FL

Atlantic Highlands NJ -- Waiting for Weather

21 October 2020 | Atlantic Highlands NJ
Dean Perry | FOGGY...WARM
Autumn Borne is now anchored behind the breakwall, at Atlantic Highlands NJ...

we're waiting for a "little better" sea conditions (not necessarily "weather")...The storm, now located off of Bermuda, is pushing some large swells onto the NJ shore... (NOTHING that would hurt AB, but the boat can always take more than the crew)...

The water we're sitting in is dead calm this AM, but totally FOGGED in.... we can just barely SEE the breakwall, a couple hundred feet away.

Yesterday, I did some minor work on the Perkins Diesel.... I removed the Thermostat ('stat)...(The top of the 'stat was covered in a 1/8" to 1/4 inch of rust colored 'GUNK'...). I think that when the engine is HOT (not overheated) we're circulating BLOCK RUST... and causing an increase in running TEMP....
SO.... We'll try the NJ rounding without the 'stat in the engine... We tested it yesterday, as loaded as we could at anchor.

I then took the rear cover off of the main engine heat exchanger... and removed part of an "old" ZINC that had broken off and fallen into the bottom of the shell and tube heat exchanger.... It really wasn't large enough to cause a REAL problem... but removed it anyway....
The ZINC had already been replaced with new.

the last little item.... I removed and cleaned the Air Cleaner.... (our air cleaner is a perforated SS bucket, that basically keeps small dogs, and children out of the Perkins...)...

the testing of the Perkins went fine.... SO........... I guess we're ready to GO
'ROUND NJ as far as power.... (we'll see)...

the remaining part of the day, yesterday, was spent putting "STUFF" away, in cabinets, or in bags, just in case we get ROLLED a bit during the "rounding"

One of the possibilities this trip SOUTH was to take our daughter and grand-daughter with us on the trip down the Hudson, but our leaving of Catskill NY was so "disjointed".... we couldn't put "all the ducks in a row"...:( Bummer.

STILL here in Catskill NY

16 October 2020 | catskill creek marina
Dean Perry | cool and rainy now.... COLD tomorrow
WELL................. we're still here in Catskill NY; filling AB with fuel; water; food; etc.

WE missed the very "brief" weather window (less than 14 hours of WEST or NW wind) this WEEKEND.... and looking at the upcoming forecasts... on WINDY, SailFLOW, and Windfinder... we're not seeing a lot of possibilities of getting a decent ride around NJ....

SO................... I guess we'll just "stick here" for a while and do some additional boat projects... and see friends and family in the area....

and realize that we'll catch a little OF the NOV weather on the way south.... Later...

at least we won't have to fight for space in some of the anchorages..... HEHEHEHE :)

Sitting here with new heater ticking slowly along (maintaining 21*C in here).... SO that's a good thing.....

new fuel tank for diesel heater

26 September 2020
Dean Perry
this is the arrangement for the new 10 liter fuel tank for the diesel heater.

it's mounted on the aft wall of the engine room... and spaced from the wall by aluminum angle brackets.... The fill nozzle is facing upward so it can be filled by opening the seat hatch above it...

Adding Diesel Heater to AB

26 September 2020 | Hudson River
Dean Perry | fall colors coming out more and more
Shown is the partially installed new diesel heater for the AB.

It's mounted on aluminum angle brackets; cut and bent to fit the angle of the coaming of the cockpit.

The space into which it fits is above the workbench, and 6 kw Generator... it fits wonderfully....

and ductwork (3" dia.) will direct heated air to the main salon.......

We still have to cut the exhaust hole in the side of the coaming for the diesel exhaust (double wall fitting); and pipe the hot exhaust... and then wrap the exhaust pipe with high temp insulation.... (just purchased from Amazon)...

Starting Blog adds for 2020 - 2021 season

24 September 2020
Dean Perry
WELL.... we're starting to look at the blog entries for the 2020-2021 cruising season....

We're installing a new diesel heater in the AB engine room... to heat the boat, (just in case we don't make it all the way SOUTH in time to avoid the cold snaps)....

We'll keep watching the Bahamas notices with respect to the COVID restrictions... and see IF normal cruisers can put all the "ducks in a row" to enter the islands.....

anchor chain marking time again

14 September 2020
Dean Perry
out of order.... but it's Anchor Chain Marking Time again.... (seasonal)....
This year we chose ALL YELLOW... industrial, Quick drying "YELLOW".... for all the markings (every 25 feet)....

The "yellow" and the RED seemed to hold up the best.... but RED is harder to SEE paying out over the bow roller, AT NIGHT !!!

SO... yellow it is...

Anchor had it's BLACK touched up too.... Not bad for a mornings work....
Vessel Name: Autumn Borne
Vessel Make/Model: CSY-44-Antigua
Hailing Port: Buffalo, New York
Crew: Dean and Susan Perry
About: Full time cruisers for 14 years, now. We cruise about 3500 nautical miles each season, from the top of the Hudson River (NY) to either the FL keys; the Bahamas; or the west side of FL, for the Winters.
Extra: Our CSY-44-Antigua is hull #001.
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