Avelinda Summer 2015

04 July 2020 | Yankee Marina, Yarmouth Maine
15 August 2015 | Harraseeket River, South Freeport Maine
14 August 2015 | The Basin, Casco Bay off the New Meadows River
13 August 2015 | High Island, Muscle Ridge Channel, Mid-Coast Maine
12 August 2015 | Zippy to Enchanted Island
11 August 2015 | Saddleback porch
10 August 2015 | Jericho Bay
10 August 2015 | Saddleback view & cabin
09 August 2015 | Old Quarry Ocean Adventures, Stonington, ME
09 August 2015 | Post office
08 August 2015 | Isle any Haut
07 August 2015 | Under the Deer Isle bridge
06 August 2015 | Little Avelinda next to State of Maine (MMA)
04 August 2015 | Pond Island Light, Blue Hill/Jericho
03 August 2015 | Galley Cove, Bartlett Island
02 August 2015 | Buckle Harbor, Swans Island
01 August 2015 | Northeast Harbor, Maine
30 July 2015 | Gulf of Maine: before sunrise
29 July 2015 | Gulf of maine
28 July 2015 | Shelburne Harbor Yacht Club

Stonington Connection

09 August 2015 | Old Quarry Ocean Adventures, Stonington, ME
CH/Sunny, Windy 5-15 SW
Today was a day of chores getting ready to meet our two sons in Webb Cove on Deer Isle who are traveling from Utah & Tennessee to join us for our last week of explorations.

Due to a little rowdiness last night from the natives (20 something's partying on a Saturday night) on Kimball and Isle Au Haut we didn't get much sleep. To add to the noise were a howling wind, gunfire, trucks with no mufflers zipping back and forth on the main drag near the town landing. To top it off we got the occasional "bonk bonk" of the mooring ball on the hull as the tide turned, or in this case a "crash crash" as though you were tied to a giant log that would wait until you fell asleep then ran you as if playing a joke on us.

We decided the night before to get up early and take advantage of the 7:00 am high tide at Billings Marine to get a pumpout. The pumpout system at Billings is rather old and lacks sufficient suction unless you are at high tide. We experienced this last year when out tank was super full and we arrived at dead low only to pump and pump with little success. Billings is the only game in town in the Stonington region which is a crime given this area of Penobscot Bay is the most visited by cruisers from New England and around the world.

After a successful pumpout, fuel, water and trash removal we were exhausted but hungry for breakfast so we anchored off Stonigton and headed for The Harbor Cafe.

With full bellies and lack of sleep we happily dosed off while at anchor while we waited to meet our sons at 2:30. As the day progressed our rendezvous with the boys got later and later with the new ETA of 8:30 PM.

It took superhuman effort, time, money and determination, but somehow Rusty made it from Utah, and Christo from GA. Rusty traveled through the night on a red- eye, and Christo had a two day drive from Tennessee/Georgia area before picking Rusty up in Portland and driving up to Deer Isle, so all three of us were wiped out. We ate a late supper, chatted and laughed, and caught up enough before falling into bed maybe around 11:00. We were on a mooring at the Old Quarry Ocean Adventures, which has many lobster boats up Web Cove. At about 4:30 am we had quite a parade of wakes zooming by us. We were happy to be on our way to the Saddleback Cabin in the morning.
Vessel Name: Avelinda
Vessel Make/Model: Ericson 32 - 200
Hailing Port: South Freeport, ME
Crew: Capt Pete and First Mate Carey
About: Peter owns and is captain of Seacoast Tours of Maine LLC; Carey works as 8th Grade Teacher
Extra: We gain spiritual connection to the earth, and rejuvenation upon being together on the ocean. We are excited about our upcoming cruise the coast of Maine .
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Who: Capt Pete and First Mate Carey
Port: South Freeport, ME