Sailing Averi

08 April 2015
08 April 2015 | Great Harbour Cay, Bahamas

Great Harbour Sushi

08 April 2015
Marc Bodian
Well, today was a great day. I caught my first, second and third fish with my Hawaiian sling. They were all Yellow Snappers and were caught in the mangroves of Great Harbour Cay in the Berry Islands. The mangroves were incredible snorkeling. We saw rays, turtles, every size and sort of fish, beautiful sea slugs and conch. Fish from the mangroves are unlikely to have ciguatera like reef fish so choosing dinner is easier. This was perhaps the easiest fishing I have ever done. I caught these in no time and had enough to feed three to four adults. Besides that, the whole experience of snorkeling around and through the mangroves in astonishingly clear water was phenomenal as was zooming through the channels in the dinghy! We owe the success to a new friend, Gary, whom we met in the marina here. He and his wife have been here a lot and are extremely knowledgeable and helpful showing us what there is to see and do. Once we got back to the boat I cut the fillets out, Nicola made sticky rice, got out the wasabi and ginger and chilled the sake. As a small repayment, we sat down with Gary and his wife Christelle for some of the freshest sushi we have ever had. Tomorrow we may have fish again! I very much want to see more of this wonderful island.
Vessel Name: Averi
Vessel Make/Model: Bristol 41.1
Hailing Port: Boulder, CO
Crew: Marc Bodian Nicola Kamper
About: Nicola and I have been married for 10 years now and while she may say other things about me she will never say I'm boring!
Extra: One and a half years and four thousand miles later, I am sure this is a great idea!