Around Vancouver Island 2013

Vessel Name: Reborn
Vessel Make/Model: 1952 Wood Ketch out of Orkney Islands
Hailing Port: Nanaimo, BC Canada
Crew: Moe and Laurie
Moe, the Skipper, has many years of sailing experience. He owned his first sailing dinghy when he was 15 and sailed with his friends around the Sunshine Coast of BC. Later he discovered windsurfing and devoted many years to his board. [...]
Extra: Reborn is a 42' fibre glass over wood ketch built in the Orkney islands in 1952. In her life time she has been redone enough times to carry her name with pride. Reborn has served as a pilot boat, a pleasure motor craft and now as a ketch.
21 August 2013 | Winter Cove to Nanaimo
21 August 2013 | Sidney Spit to Winter Cove, Saturna Island
21 August 2013 | Victoria to Sidney Spit
21 August 2013 | Sooke to Victoria
14 August 2013 | Bamfield to Sooke
13 August 2013 | Ucluelet and Ucluelet to Bamfield
06 August 2013 | Ucluelet
06 August 2013 | Joe's Bay to Ucluelet
06 August 2013 | Tofino to Joe's Bay
06 August 2013 | Tofino
02 August 2013 | Bacchante Bay to Tofino
02 August 2013 | Hot Springs Cove to Bacchante Bay
02 August 2013 | Friendly Cove to Hot Springs Cove
02 August 2013 | Bodega Cove to Friendly Cove
02 August 2013 | Tahsis to Bodega Cove, Kendrick Island
28 July 2013 | Dixie Cove to Tahsis
27 July 2013 | Walter's Cove to Dixie Cove, Hohoae Island
25 July 2013 | Bunsby Islands to Walter's Cove, Kyoquot
25 July 2013 | Columbia Cove to Bunsby Islands
24 July 2013 | Walter's Cove, Kyoquot
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21 August 2013 | Winter Cove to Nanaimo

Day 39

Day 39 – August 29, 2013 Monday

21 August 2013 | Sidney Spit to Winter Cove, Saturna Island

Day 38

Day 38 – August 11, 2013 Sunday

21 August 2013 | Victoria to Sidney Spit

Day 37

Day 37 – August 10, 2013 Saturday

21 August 2013 | Sooke to Victoria

Day 36

Day 36 – August 9, 2013 Friday

14 August 2013 | Bamfield to Sooke

Day 35

Day 35 – August 8, 2013 Thursday

13 August 2013 | Ucluelet and Ucluelet to Bamfield

Day 33 and Day 34

Day 33 and Day 34, August 6 and 7, 2013 Tuesday and Wednesday

Day 32

06 August 2013 | Ucluelet
Laurie / Foggy
Day 32 – August 5, 2013 Monday

We had all made plans with Michel and Frances for the morning. They would motor over around 9:30 and Michel would pick up Moe and Jon to take them over to their boat ‘Paxx’ to do some engine work. Frances would stay on shore and take a hike with Kate and me to Amphitrite Point lighthouse. They arrived shortly after 9:00 and we were soon on our way.

I had been to the lighthouse once before with Moe and thought that we had walked there from the marina, but once Frances, Kate and I had walked for some time, I realized that Moe and I hadn’t walked, we drove. It turned out to be a longer walk to the lighthouse trail than I thought, but it was pleasant. The weather, though overcast, was good for walking. Any more sunshine and we would have been too warm.

The trail to the lighthouse is quite wide and very well maintained. Many people use this trail in the summer and we encountered our fair share as we walked through the forest. It’s quite beautiful walking through the dense rainforest with the canopy of trees overhead. I think the looping trail is about 2 km long with the halfway point being the lighthouse. The coastline is absolutely rugged with huge rocks and steep cliffs. As we are in Ucluelet in Fogust, the visibility out to sea was quite limited. We could hear the foghorn coming from one of the buoys out in the water but couldn’t see it. I was surprised to hear it out there and not at the lighthouse. We didn’t stay too long at the lighthouse before starting our trek back. Jon and Kate still had to drive all the way back to Victoria so Kate didn’t want to dawdle too long.

We got back to Reborn around noon and met Moe, Jon and Michel there. They had been successful in their endeavour to fix Michel’s broken water pump. After a quick bite to eat, Jon and Kate packed up all their stuff and were off. It was very nice to have had them join us for a few days and we were sad to see them go.

We then made plans with Frances and Michel to get together for dinner on their boat. They would come over to pick us up about 6:00. I spent the afternoon catching up on my journal and Moe replaced the oil filter on the boat. We also heard from Ken and Rory who plan to join us tomorrow and travel to Sooke with us.

Michel and Frances came at the appointed time and we all piled into their dinghy and headed to their boat. We had brought along our chart and reference books as we wanted to talk to them about the plan for transiting Juan de Fuca Strait together. Once we got there, out came the charts and books and we formulated a plan. They will leave Ucluelet tomorrow for Bamfield and wait for us there and then on Thursday we’ll travel together down the strait. It’s going to be a long day as we expect it to take us over 10 hours of travel.

Travel plans made, we had corn on the cob, marinated pork medallions and a delicious salad. Just after we were finished with our dinner, Michel went to pick up another couple from shore. We had a great time visiting with them before it was time for Michel to start ferrying people back to shore. He took the other couple first and then us. When we got back to the dock, Moe and I went for a dock walk and he explained the different fish boats to me. Now I know the difference between a salmon boat and a tuna boat!

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