S/V Avri Ellis

13 September 2013 | Long Beach, CA

New Beginnings

13 September 2013 | Long Beach, CA
After years of dreaming about it I finally mustered the courage to just do it. After casually looking at various boats for more than a year, I stumbled across a 1969 S&S Yankee Dolphin on Craigslist. Although I had envisioned something larger, I was immediately drawn to the beautiful lines of the Dolphin. Some quick research showed her to be the proverbial diamond in the rough. Designed in 1959 by Sparkman & Stephens, she was built with a full keel to be a true offshore ocean cruiser, a seaworthy platform on which to re-learn the art of sailing. I decided to rename her in honor of my beautiful daughter Avri...
Vessel Name: Avri Ellis
Vessel Make/Model: 1969 S&S Yankee Dolphin
Hailing Port: Wilmington, CA
Crew: Eric Barnett and whoever shows up.
About: I am a divorced dad returning to sailing after a fifteen year hiatus.
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Who: Eric Barnett and whoever shows up.
Port: Wilmington, CA