Away We Go, Come Sail Away

11 July 2009 | Columbia
11 July 2009 | Soon to be on the Columbia River!!
08 July 2009 | Columbia
07 July 2009 | Columbia River
05 July 2009 | First time out on Columbia
05 July 2009 | Milwaukie,Or

What a beautiful day!!!What a sunburn!!

11 July 2009 | Columbia
Stinking Awesome Weather
WOWOWOWOWOW.....Awesome day awesome weather, great fruit, cool water, what else could I ask for!!!!SALUTE!

Can't wait for today !!!

11 July 2009 | Soon to be on the Columbia River!!
Jennifer/Hopefully 89 degrees:)
Loading us up and am ready to actually attempt to help pull sails. Weather is overcast as of now but to be 89 degrees, hope so. Check back in later...

Out with Andy and Samantha

08 July 2009 | Columbia
We took Maggie out and enjoyed looking at the other sailboat cruise by . Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves, people actually acknowledge other people when they pass....WEIRD....Samantha went with us and stood on the roof hanging on to the mast as we went along and finally decided to be our bowsprit? for part of the afternoon. I can't wait to get back out there, hope Maggie is still tied there upon our return.

Nice way to relax...

07 July 2009 | Columbia River
Jenniferer/75 degree
Andy and I tootled west and made our way to the tip of Government Island where we turned and slowly floated back to our slip. AWWWWW.....Very relaxing.......


05 July 2009 | First time out on Columbia
Jennifer/Beautiful 80 degrees
FINALLY we got Maggies mast raised!!!! On the water, she now stays! We motored up and down briefly and tucked her away in her slip fpr the night. Julz even took the controls for awhile. Samantha stayed home, maybe next time she'll go...Hope so....

Dry land run rigging the sails

05 July 2009 | Milwaukie,Or
Jennifer/Beautiful 88 degrees
We bought our first sailboat July 2, 2009. WOW! We are thrilled. Just obtained registration, and am working on rigging the sails at our home in Milwaukie. We rented a slip on the Columbia and if all goes well Maggie will be in the water tonight!!!!!! My husband slept in the sailboat on the first night we had her in our driveway. Guess he couldn't wait. We have some work to do and much learning but I am looking forward to our new chapter and all the adventures we can get in.
Vessel Name: Maggie
Vessel Make/Model: McGregor Venture 25'
Hailing Port: Columbia River Marina
Crew: Andy, Jennifer, Julz, Samanatha
About: We are married with teenage children looking for some new family adventures.
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Who: Andy, Jennifer, Julz, Samanatha
Port: Columbia River Marina