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Our ODay30, "Sanctuary," is still on the hard in Reedville, VA, waiting for warmer weather and some glass-work to the keel.

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Hopeful new year.

20 April 2019 | Reedville, VA
Lawrence Bird
Looks like the weather is beginning to get warm enough to think about fiber-glassing. We're much healthier than last year at this time, and it is time to think about getting the hull done and getting Sanctuary back in the water. This is the largest of the cracks, and looks like it'll take a bit of grinding,, then some G-Flex, and then several layers of glass on both sides of the keel tail-joint. I can't seem to get a straight answer out of folks who are supposed to know this stuff, so I'm figuring that the supporting patch will be six to nine layers of glass to support that fillet, ands run it at least a third to maybe half the way forward along the keel-hull joint.

Also need to replace the sea-cock on the galley sink drain -- looks pretty corroded, and also to open up the sewage through-hull (which had been blocked with a wooded plug by a previous owner), and then insert the USCG required lockable Y-valve in the drain circuit, so this can be use when outside the limit offshore. Then it will be time to replace all the engine water hoses, as well as the sewage and freshwater hoses -- checking the tanks as we go. Won't be done this month I'm sure as I never seem to have that much energy, but would be nice to have Sanctuary back in the water by July.

Fair winds and Following seas

27 May 2018 | Reedville, VA
Angels Wings is gone... well, in truth, she is sitting right where she has been for the past couple of years, but has a new owner, one with more youthful energy and perhaps talent, certainly vision. At least for the moment, we'll be able to see her progress towards the water as she is sitting within yards of Sanctuary, but within a few months I'd expect her to trek towards her new home and dock - Fair winds and Following seas there Wings; although we never sailed you to the distant isles I expected to, you were a good and faithful boat for us.

Rough Winter

14 May 2018 | Reedville, VA
Well, the boats are both still there. Thank goodness we got Sanctuary winterized when we did. Shortly after, the geriatric deck-hand fell on the ice in the cockpit and a week later was nursing a bad-back. Then to add insult to injury, a few weeks after that the old fat guy fell down the steps and ruptured his quad-tendon and is still wearing a medical leg-contraption... but the surgeon says things seem to be on the mend and although we still can't climb ladders, the boats seemed to have weathered the winter okay, and we're looking forward to getting the keel glass-work done in June - maybe into the water by July. The good news is, Sanctuary is officially ours and the U.S. Coast Guard says so - almost eight months of paper-work, several resubmissions and a half a thousand bucks and the ownership trail of our ODay seems to be straight and properly documented again, finally - yeah;

Sanctuary of Yorktown, VA.


22 December 2017
Can’t say we accomplished too much other than create a big back-ache… but got the engine full of antifreeze and finished stowing the lines. Will need new hoses in the spring… those are shot – surprised the lasted through al our fall motoring, but they did… now to think through what can be done while it is coolish outside, and then be ready to attack it once everything warms up (hopefully by late February).

Progress -- Sorta

10 December 2017 | Reedville, VA
Among other things I discovered, there is a small void near the bottom of my keel (I could feel it when my drill bit punched through the glass). I opened up the locations where I’d seen the seepage and the two center ones seem to have a void, and poured out a few more ounces of crud when I opened them – whether created by the leak further up the keel or independent of it I don’t know – but am now planning to fill and then reglass with the usual methods… Not sure whether to use something like GFlex or ProSeal (aviation folks will be familiar – sticks to everything), but will have to wait for warm weather; and has to be something injectable. The guy who hauled the boat (been hauling from the yard I’ve used since the 80s, so he’s seen many of them) said the upper crack could also be caused by careless travel-lift operation -- that plunks a boat down on the keel or stores it long term with the jack stands so far aft the hull is flexed with the keel not properly supported… In any case, so far this issue looks reasonably manageable -- with a bit of brain-storming and sweat-equity…

Took a shopvac to the bilge so everything above is as dry as I can make it and, excepting the crack on the aft-upper keel, is open – I’ll get to that… But I’m planning to sand off the paint on the keel just to see what the rest of the fin looks like, then once the glass-work is done – barrier coat at least the keel… there are half a dozen small blemishes here and there on the hull which I’ll open up to see what gives, but it is generally quite fair so I’m not planning to create more work than I have already… Come March, it’ll be epoxy time if it drain/dries like I hope over the intervening time…


03 December 2017

Photo-op with my Dearly-Beloved, the great-grandson and “Wings.” Angels Wings remains on the hard about 75 feet from Sanctuary, but needs lots of TLC – however I still think this is where my heart is. Grandma likes the ODay, Sanctuary, and there is a lot to like – newer, much cleaner and the cabin is almost obscenely large for a thirty-foot boat, not to mention Sanctuary’s lively sailing qualities. However, the Bristol 24 is just a reassuring little chunk, a serious little boat… I had meant to sell her off, but didn’t find a buyer who was interested in the type of work that might be needed – and the more I think of that, I’m rather pleased. Was heartened to see that the B24 has made at least two blue-water boat lists (actually surprised; especially since Paul Coble didn’t seem to think it was particularly suitable for that – but with the floating condominiums/solariums they now call blue-water voyaging boats, the B24 probably is more than suitable).
Vessel Name: Sanctuary
Vessel Make/Model: Oday-30 -- sloop
Hailing Port: Colonial Beach, Virginia, USA
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"Sanctuary," our ODay-30, has joined "Angels Wings," the Bristol 24 that has been on the hard for several years. Sanctuary is esthetically better maintained than Wings and of course noticeably larger, with two foot wider beam and almost six more feet of length, but not so large we've fallen into [...]
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