Little Boat, Big Dreams

Our ODay30, "Sanctuary," is still on the hard in Reedville, VA, waiting for warmer weather and some glass-work to the keel.

13 September 2021
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20 April 2019 | Reedville, VA
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Jennings, Reedville

29 November 2017
No point to this post other than to load a photo of Sanctuary sitting at Jennings and awaiting her turn at the travel lift. This is a quietly rural area and I've been known to stray down there just to sit among the boats (many of them longer-distance travelers than I've ever been) and soak of the ambiance of watermen, boat constructions and voyagers; intoxicating, but legal.
Vessel Name: Sanctuary
Vessel Make/Model: Oday-30 -- sloop
Hailing Port: Colonial Beach, Virginia, USA
C [...]
"Sanctuary," is esthetically better maintained than "Wings" (our previous Bristol 24) and of course noticeably larger, with two foot wider beam and almost six more feet of length, but not so large we've fallen into a large maintenance trap -- we hope. Despite a metaphoric barnacle or two, [...]
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