Little Boat, Big Dreams

Our ODay30, "Sanctuary," is still on the hard in Reedville, VA, waiting for warmer weather and some glass-work to the keel.

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Rough Winter

14 May 2018 | Reedville, VA
Well, the boats are both still there. Thank goodness we got Sanctuary winterized when we did. Shortly after, the geriatric deck-hand fell on the ice in the cockpit and a week later was nursing a bad-back. Then to add insult to injury, a few weeks after that the old fat guy fell down the steps and ruptured his quad-tendon and is still wearing a medical leg-contraption... but the surgeon says things seem to be on the mend and although we still can't climb ladders, the boats seemed to have weathered the winter okay, and we're looking forward to getting the keel glass-work done in June - maybe into the water by July. The good news is, Sanctuary is officially ours and the U.S. Coast Guard says so - almost eight months of paper-work, several resubmissions and a half a thousand bucks and the ownership trail of our ODay seems to be straight and properly documented again, finally - yeah;

Sanctuary of Yorktown, VA.
Vessel Name: Sanctuary
Vessel Make/Model: Oday-30 -- sloop
Hailing Port: Colonial Beach, Virginia, USA
C [...]
"Sanctuary," is esthetically better maintained than "Wings" (our previous Bristol 24) and of course noticeably larger, with two foot wider beam and almost six more feet of length, but not so large we've fallen into a large maintenance trap -- we hope. Despite a metaphoric barnacle or two, [...]