Bacchus Beckons

22 December 2012 | Victoria B.C.
20 August 2012 | Saltspring Island
20 August 2012 | The Border
20 August 2012 | Egmont B.C.
20 August 2012
20 August 2012 | Sidney Spit
19 August 2012
30 April 2012 | Genoa Bay
07 April 2012 | CCYC
27 November 2011 | Cortes Isl
27 November 2011 | Cortes Isl.
27 November 2011 | West Redonda Isl.
20 November 2011 | Teakerne Arm
20 November 2011 | Teakerne Arm
18 November 2011 | Cassel Lake Falls
18 November 2011 | Teakerne Arm
18 November 2011 | Desolation Sound
30 October 2011 | Vananda, Texada Isl.
30 October 2011 | Crossing the Salish Sea

The Once Famous Squirrel Cove Bakery

27 November 2011 | Cortes Isl.
Squirrel Cove is a great sheltered harbour. Once you pass through the 60' wide entrance, the cove opens up to easily hold over a hundred anchored boats. We used to anchor and tie back over where the lagoon empties into the cove whenever the tide drops. Our kids enjoyed riding floaties down in the current. The condition of the bakery building was a suprise to see. We had heard that about 6 years ago, the baker had retired and no one had taked it over. His cinnamon buns were awsome! The baker lived in the house and had 3 propane stoves in his kitchen. The house was on floats but permantly beached. We bake our own now on cool days and the boat smells great!
Vessel Name: Bacchus V
Vessel Make/Model: 1986 C+C 35 mk III
Hailing Port: Sidney B.C. on the west coast of Canada
Crew: Glenn and Gaie Judson
About: We're now empty nesters. Where was the larger boat when we really needed the space?
Extra: Bacchus is named for the Roman God of wine and partying. It was a good fit, but it's sometimes interesting crossing the border! 'check that boat for wine!'
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Who: Glenn and Gaie Judson
Port: Sidney B.C. on the west coast of Canada
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