Bacchus Beckons

22 December 2012 | Victoria B.C.
20 August 2012 | Saltspring Island
20 August 2012 | The Border
20 August 2012 | Egmont B.C.
20 August 2012
20 August 2012 | Sidney Spit
19 August 2012
30 April 2012 | Genoa Bay
07 April 2012 | CCYC
27 November 2011 | Cortes Isl
27 November 2011 | Cortes Isl.
27 November 2011 | West Redonda Isl.
20 November 2011 | Teakerne Arm
20 November 2011 | Teakerne Arm
18 November 2011 | Cassel Lake Falls
18 November 2011 | Teakerne Arm
18 November 2011 | Desolation Sound
30 October 2011 | Vananda, Texada Isl.
30 October 2011 | Crossing the Salish Sea

CCYC - Crabby Cruise

30 April 2012 | Genoa Bay
We had good weekend over at Genoa Bay, crabbing, socializing with our club members and remembering what boating is all about! The weather turned out only so-so but it didn't matter in the end. It's still early for crabbing but we managed 4 keepers out of the 25 I caught. Nothing failed on the boat which does bode well, but we did run out of coffee. I set up our new 'African Queen' to keep off the odd drizzle. It's supposed to keep the sun from over heating the boat. Oh well, dual purpose.
Vessel Name: Bacchus V
Vessel Make/Model: 1986 C+C 35 mk III
Hailing Port: Sidney B.C. on the west coast of Canada
Crew: Glenn and Gaie Judson
About: We're now empty nesters. Where was the larger boat when we really needed the space?
Extra: Bacchus is named for the Roman God of wine and partying. It was a good fit, but it's sometimes interesting crossing the border! 'check that boat for wine!'
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Who: Glenn and Gaie Judson
Port: Sidney B.C. on the west coast of Canada
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