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Still snowing...

07 March 2007 | Somwhere between Penna ans Manhattan
by Scott / Snowing and making forward progress very difficult!
It has been a very long time since I have posted anything to our blog. I am currently sitting on a bus only 40 miles out of Stroudsburg and it has taken me almost 3 1/2 hours to get here. I am pretty frustrated with our progress and swore the last time it took me 5 hours to get in that I would quit my job so I wouldn,t ever have to bear this type of abuse again. The is only a light dusting of snow on the roads but we have slowly passed numerous accidents.
To catch our log up to date, once the summer ended we had our marina pull Bajamas and place her in her cradle for the winter. We emptied everything out, locked her up and had her shrink-wrapped. We haven't bee up since. On my way back from the last trip when I removed all the tools and anything perishable, I fell into a slump. It was late September and I remember stopping off at a small airport to watch the gliders. I remember how sad I was that the season had ended and there was nothing more to be enjoyed until next summer. I drove the rest of the way back to my house and announced to Bev that I thought we should book another charter in the Bahamas for New Years. She was excited to hear that and I found a renewed sense of excitement.
The next 3 months passed pretty quickly since Bev and I were pretty busy at our jobs and we were happy once again to be back where we find we like to be better than anywhere else on this planet.
I would like to add a quick note here that on the plane ride from NYC the airline had a special drink offer. They would be serving Mojitos for $5 each. BEV, WHERE'S MY WALLET!!! =0) Needless to say, Scotty endulged himself on that 3 hour ride and we arrived in Nassau with Scotty feeling pretty wonderful!
The Bahamas this year were perfect. We chartered the same 37' Tayana but mad a few course changes. We started at Great Guana Cay at a beautiful marina for the New Years Eve festivies that evening. We had chosen Nippers as the place we wanted to bring in the new year but actually ended up wandering between Nippers and Grabbers for the evening. The 2 beach bars were within a half mile from each other and we easily made the trip between them about 6 times by the end of the evening. The evening started off slowly with nothing really happening until about 10:00pm. That was one of the reasons we ended up back and forth. Just searching for the start of a good time. (Sounds like that could be the name of a good Jimmy Buffett soung!) Each bar had it's special way about it, Grabbers with it's perfect sunset and Nippers with it's 2 level pool and multilevel partydeck. A good time was had by all especially Bev and I and we partied and danced into the wee hours. MOJITO!
In the next few days we hopped from island to island enjoying the local flavor of each. We spent our days snorkeling the reefs and lying around on secluded beaches. We did some Conching one day and fished another. We spent an afternoon on the shallow banks enjoying the company of large Eagle Rays and many giant starfish. We also got to sail an Eneavour Catamaran that Mark, the owner of our Tayana, had purchased to charter. The entire week was life affirming!
The only spot of trouble was when we made it back to Nassau for our trip home and was told that the tickets that we were holding were for a slot that was canceled months ago. The good news was they had us reserved on another plane. The bad news was it left 15 minutes ago. The good news is it won't be any trouble getting us on another flight, the bad news is that they don't have one until tomorrow and thay no longer fly yo NYC direct and we would have to fly into Atlanta first.
Oh well! We got a room in a hotel on Cable Beach in Nassau and extended our vacation for another day. We hit the casino and went to dinner. The view from our hotel room was exquisit!
Flashback to our current situation of sitting in traffic on a snowy road. We were just informed that the road that we are sitting on has been closed and noone will be going anywhere.
I need another vacation!

Martini & Rossi offering...

15 August 2006
Do you think that will suffice or do the gods prefer Corona?!?


15 August 2006
New neon-yellow steering wheel wrap. Any comments?

Just a Quickie!

15 August 2006 | Connelly, N.Y.
by Scott
There was a little business to be done before we could steal away to the boat this weekend. We had several clients to meet and deal with prior to our escape. Once the business was wrapped up, we jumped in the truck and drove up to the boat for an overnight.
We accomplished several things while we were up there this past weekend. We were able to complete the oiling of the toerail, outline the insert for the V-berth, that I have been trying to get done for several weeks and I wrapped the steeringwheel. (there was certainly a wild hair attached to this project. See photo for supporting evidence!)
I would like to get some input on the steering wheel. any and all comments will be welcome (of course, any comments not agreeing with the author, that the application of a neon yellow steering wrap is pretty cool, will be removed and disregarded =o)). The last and most vital project completed over the weekend was the addition of Bajamas offical name. We stripped the old name "The Doghouse" and applied the new graphics and hailing port letters to the stern. then we did a quicky ceremony to strick the old name from the books of the gods and christened the boat with an expensive bottle of bubbly! (Bev, does that look straight to you??)

Blue, working on his tan

31 July 2006
Yes, he gets paid by the hour!
Vessel Make/Model: Bristol 32
Hailing Port: Connelly, N.Y.
Crew: Scott & Bev
About: Blue (the Pirate Pooch) - Boat duties include - Crotch sniffing, galley cleanup, fish inspector, head bottle licker and all forms of general rebellion.
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