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Small town Ohio born/bred guy who joined the Navy at 17 and fell in love with the sea upon first glance arriving in boot camp in San Diego, CA.

31 January 2017 | Chicago
28 October 2016 | bluewater yachting center
19 September 2016 | Cleveland Ohio
01 September 2016 | Hampton Virginia

Chicago Boat Show - Great Seminars

31 January 2017 | Chicago
Was able to make it to the Chicago boat show for the first time and enjoyed it quite a bit. Especially, the vast number of hour long educational seminars.

Especially enjoyed the seminars by John Kretchmer, and would recommend his work to anyone seeking practical offshore sailing knowledge.

John Kretchmer's website

Salty Dawg Rally - Hampton VA

28 October 2016 | bluewater yachting center
Made it! To the rally that is. What a great group of folks and there have already been several great applied learning seminars on fishing offshore from your #sailboat, Single Side Band (SSB) radio tips/tricks, and a fantastic presentation on do's/don'ts for sailing to Cuba.

The rally is a connector, event organizer, and educator for those who are #sailing to/from the #caribbean

Below are photos from the Hampton Yacht club and it's water taxi used to transport us to/from the bluewater yachting center for the presentation.


J120 - making wind apparent

19 September 2016 | Cleveland Ohio
T.Baker / Light winds, light ripples, and sunny
What a delight it was to be given the opportunity to crew on this gem in light winds, and rippling waters of the north coast's ocean/pond Lake Erie. Even better was the Captain and experienced crew. It all started with some great music and friends the night before last listening to some great tunes from this guy , Ernie Krivda

At least initially, the absolute most gratifying aspect of setting literal foot onto this J120 was the spacious, clean, and well arranged deck. This was especially important for me as I had just recently made a long road trip to Hampton Roads, Virginia which required that I clean out all my boat stuff and stuff from my truck. Including my 30 liter Harken dry bag back pack with deck shoes, sailing gloves, portable gps & vhf, sun shirt, and hat. Preferring to manage the bow without flip flops, and having no hat or sun glasses to cover my eyes and head, I was barefoot and topless and quickly quite comfortable on this gorgeous boat.

With light winds it was a one race day with one leg up, and one leg back. Deploying the Asymmetrical spinnaker was entertaining and educational. The extendable bowsprit being controlled from the cockpit took gave me a momentary surprise when it began extending and a briefly had a science fiction movie sensation. Silly. Yep.

Once the spin was up, and the Captain, and her more experienced crew had all the trimmings set, this thing felt astonishingly quick and elegant. Granted we were in light winds, but it felt like she was making wind.


79 Hunter 30-cruising west basin of Lake erie

03 September 2016
Todd Baker
Started out with a small craft advisory featuring classic Lake Erie washing machine wave patterns, 8 foot white capping waves in the open, and sustained 25 mph winds. Out we went with our buddy S/V Pride (an immaculate 25 O'Day).

1st time crewing this boat and this skipper. Basic rigging but solid body for Erie. Has two reef points with presently only one rigged up.

Northeast winds forced a motor out of Mosley Channel but we conservatively pre-rigged main for 2nd reef and deployed after getting underway for the channel.

Once free of the channel we were able to take advantage of the northeast winds and aggressively dip south of Baypoint Scholl to set a course straight for middle Bass Island on a close haul.

As forecasted the winds and waves eased and we set the headsail and shook out the reef.

Was the best sail of the season gliding through well placed three foot swells sipping beers, listening to @elana_c, and chatting with new friends.


SaltyDawg Rally!

01 September 2016 | Hampton Virginia
I volunteered for this thing : ) Can't wait!

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Beneteau 311 -Tom Gibbs Memorial Race Lake Erie - Gets interesting

29 August 2016 | Kelleys Island, ohio
Todd Baker
A two day race crewing in a well rigged Beneteau 311 that went from Lorain, Ohio to Kelleys Island and back ~50 miles.

About three miles out from reaching Kelley's there was no way around a looming front. Straight through was the course to steer. Wind speeds registered 40-50 mph on the instruments. Several boats dropped sails and bobbed waiting for it to pass. Rain, thunder, lightening, swells and waves like a washing machine, but the clouds were fascinating. Felt like we could throw a line to them and pull them right down as they swirled over our heads.

Furled head sail, double reefed main, a pretty quick front that lasted only 45 minutes.

Great crew and captain on this 311 Beneteau.

Later on, at the end of this first leg we lost our diesel engine and required a late night parts delivery by Ferry boat to the island.

A great reminder to bring the right gear, and all the gear you might need. I'm in the market for offshore foul weather storm gear. Any suggestions?

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