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Anse Mitan, Martinique

03 January 2018
Yesterday was a relatively slow day on Barracuda involving reading (K), swimming, snorkelling (G) and then the cycle repeated itself. G snorkelled on the north side of the bay - good reef and loads of corals, fish, eels and a sea snake (don’t like those). Finally got the bottom of the boat cleaned off using a snorkel and a scrubbing brush – quite a build up since Las Palmas. Not sure if you will notice the speed enhancement but at least we will feel there should be nothing holding us back.

Went ashore in the dinghy for supper in the village. It is a sleepy place at night (which we were not expecting given the number of people around during the day) but we found somewhere serving local marlin, which was OK (damned with faint praise). We had dinner with a delightful retired couple from Maine who were spending 6 weeks in Martinique as part of their ‘snow bird’ travels. They had travelled all over the Caribbean – often on tall ships.

Woke up to a big rain shower and a bigger rainbow.

Then today we moved to Anse Mitan. We tried to anchor round at the pretty village of Les Trois Ilets but despite repeated attempts and getting covered in very sticky mud (K), we could not get the anchor to set. The book does describe the location as ‘holding variable’ - we would politely suggest ‘extremely poor’. In fact, we saw three wrecked yachts in the mangroves surrounding the anchorage. So Anse Mitan may grow on us.

We have come ashore for supplies, found the small marina and think we will have dinner here. It's a bit like a northern France holiday town, a bit cheap and cheerful, but a fun wee place all the same and probably OK (more faint praise). And although supplies are very limited indeed, it has a waterside cafe with fast-ish wifi.
Vessel Name: Barracuda
Vessel Make/Model: OVNI 395
Crew: Graham and Kate
About: Learning as we go....
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