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20 January 2019 | Warderick Wells, Bahamas
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11 January 2019 | Highbourne Cay, Exumas, Bahamas
09 January 2019 | Shroud Cay, Exumas, Bahamas
08 January 2019 | Hawksbill Cay - south, Exumas, Bahamas
07 January 2019 | Hawksbill Cay, Exumas, Bahamas
06 January 2019 | Pirate’s Lair, Exumas, Bahamas
05 January 2019 | Warderick Wells Cay, Exumas, Bahamas
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27 December 2018 | Shroud Cay, Exuma Islands, Bahamas
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21 December 2018 | Palm Cove Marina, Nassau, Bahamas

Heading North to the East River??

10 May 2018 | near Mathew, East River, Mobjack Bay, VA, USA
10th May 2018
Position 37 25.0N:76 20.9W

Only two days have passed since our last blog and G is somehow one year older. Sarah Creek and the York River Yacht Haven were a great place to spend a couple of nights and a birthday. It was idyllically calm and quiet. Yesterday we took the dinghy up to the edge of the nearest town, but discovered there was not really a landing place. We rowed our way up what became a drainage ditch until we could go no further, tied the dinghy to a tree and climbed the bank, via the rainwater outflow, to find ourselves in the local ‘strip mall’ (which is not quite what some might think). This provided an opportunity for a haircut (G), shopping (K), essential groceries and lunch. Then it was back down the bank and out the drainage ditch, through the swamp and down the creek.

Because of the general shape of the Chesapeake it has miles and miles of creekside, with a vast number of lovely waterside homes, each with a dock and at least one boat. We chugged around in the dinghy inspecting the area with a bit of green envy. There is virtually no tide here so they use fixed piles to moor their boats. With the very muddy bottom it is relatively simple to bang in some big piles and create a boardwalk and a boat dock - so everyone does it. Many of the docks also feature a couple of Adirondack chairs facing the sunset, a crab pot or fishing line, and sometimes a BBQ or even, in one case, a tiki bar.

Birthday dinner ashore was seafood featuring local crab and oysters – yum. Older, not necessarily wiser …

We have been working on our anchoring techniques. We read yesterday that the Chesapeake Bay is a difficult place to anchor due to the slimy muddy bottom. Probably why we are not seeing any boats at anchor! Some anchor designs that are normally excellent in sand and other materials are very poor here, whilst some that are normally no more than moderate in typical bottom conditions do very well here. So we have officially changed out the Delta for the Bruce as our main anchor (now attached via the windlass), keeping our Danforth as our backup. These are quite heavy beasties, so changing them over on the run is an interesting task involving the spinnaker halyard; G doing the heavy work on the foredeck, while K manages the other end of the halyard on the winch and drives around the crab pots (of which there are millions, BTW).

Tonight we find ourselves anchored in the East River just off Mobjack Bay. The shallows are dotted with crab pots, which makes finding a suitable spot a bit of a challenge.
Vessel Name: Barracuda
Vessel Make/Model: OVNI 395
Crew: Graham and Kate
About: Learning as we go....
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