BattCat Crosses the Atlantic

16 January 2010
Dulcie & Jay
After our summer in the Med we flew home and spent 6 fun packed & very productive house-hunting weeks back in Blighty. It was an absolute joy to catch up with so many of you! Towards the end of our stay Jason flew to the Canary Islands to get BattCat ready for the Atlantic crossing.

The BattCat boys - Jason, his brothers Noel & Ru and my Dad - set sail from Las Palmas, across the Atlantic for St Lucia on Sunday 22nd November. Their aim was to arrive in St Lucia safely and they expected to take up to 21 days. BattCat was full to the rafters with water and all manner of delicious food and they completed their trip in style! The brave things jumped into the sea for a swim at the deepest point - over 5km and lived to tell the tale! The crossing was an amazing experience for them all but was not all plain sailing - they survived a Force 9 storm - one away from a hurricane - which shook them all up somewhat but was a hell of an adventure surfing down the 18ft waves!
Vessel Name: BattCat
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