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28 February 2007 | Mexico, just north of Barre de Navidad
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Zihuateneo, Music, Balmy Weather and Sun

12 March 2007 | Mexico
Diane, sunny 80's
We finally left Guaymas Feb 1 and have had fabulous conditions in which to travel the 900 or so miles to this patch of paradise in Southern mainland Mexico.
So much has happened but not enough time to elaborate at this moment. We want to let everyone know that we are doing very well in our fast tracking to Central America/ Ecuador.
Posted here is a picture of us in Bahia Conception early on in our journey. We were on a hike with our friend Tracey overlooking Playa El Burro.
Look for more detailed stories in subsepuent posts.
Next stop: Huatulco
hasta luego amigos!

Kayaking the Jungle River in Tenacatita

28 February 2007 | Mexico, just north of Barre de Navidad
A most beautiful anchorage, with almost 360 protection, it is one of the most incredible places. We especially enjoyed the kayak trip upriver 3 miles. There are so many cruisers here that there is a daily activity list of things to do: swimming to shore, volleyball, bocce ball, an adult day camp! And let us not forget--drinking beer .....

Leaving La Paz and onward to Puerto Vallarta

20 February 2007
After hauling out again in La Paz to correct a problem that was causing water to leak into our bilge, we crossed the 350 miles to Banderas Bay. On the way Erica caught this dolphin jumping!
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