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30 May 2011 | Port Townsend, WA
Rick, 50,617
I'm back from my flying job in Hawaii... I sure do love it over there!

JUNESSA is still playing hard to get back into the water....
So far I've:
-sanded the wood trim and the hard dodger
- installed the new dripless drive shaft packing
-installed the driveshaft and prop
-changed out two motor mounts
-installed the new Auto Tiller mounting bracket
-installed the Pactor modem to the SSB
-tested the heater
-tested the bilge pump
-dropped the water tank cap into the bilge
-cleaned and used the BBQ grill
-watched the Pardey's videos for the umpteenth time
-ordered the two 85 watt solar panels
-ordered the Air Breeze wind generator

Still need to do:
-Take my FCC Technician and General Exam so I can use the SSB
-Hire someone to fix the wood trim that is delaminating
-Paint the outside
-Install the Satphone
-Install the Inverter
-Finish the Drifter Sail
-Order charts
-Order and sew the sailpack kit
-Have the boatyard install the depth transducer
-Hook up the Garmin network
-Fill all three Propane tanks
-Empty all the junk from the boat
-Get the boat back in the water!!!
-Install the Radar
-Install all the sails
-Test the New Sea Anchor
-test all systems

It sounds like a lot of stuff.... but a lot of it can be done on the way North... maybe!
I've received emails and commets about my plans for the Northwest Passage... A lot of cheering me on and some reminding me that its not exactly the safest place to cruise....

Well, my battery is about to die... :(
more later
Vessel Name: JUNESSA
Vessel Make/Model: 28' Bristol Channel Cutter (BCC)
Hailing Port: Anchorage, Alaska
Crew: Rick Peterson
About: JUNESSA has a few new crew members! My lovely wife, Terri, who is eager to go cruising as a family! Taylor, our teenager, and Jenna our youngest and Pixie the wonder dog.
This is my very first boat!!!! Nothing like starting out with the best Blue Water Cruiser money can buy! The BCC was designed by Lyle Hess and made famous by Lin & Larry Pardey as they documented in books, videos and dvd's their sailing adventures on board their homebuilt BCC 'Taleisin'. My [...]
JUNESSA's Photos - (Main)
Working and Playing on the Big Island of Hawaii ALOHA!
24 Photos
Created 20 January 2009
Working on bottom and interior.
9 Photos
Created 9 January 2009
4 Photos
Created 12 April 2007
Here's a few shots of prepping the boat for the long ride NORTH to Gig Harbor, Wa. It took about 5 hours to prep and load her up.
5 Photos
Created 8 April 2007
Here's a few shots of my 1985 28 foot Bristol Channel Cutter (BCC) built in Vancouver, BC. She's a full keel fiberglass hull with teak and mahogany wood throughout. She's powered by a Volvo 28hp diesel.
4 Photos
Created 7 April 2007
I had a great day learning how to sail my BCC. The learning curve was a little steeper than I had anticipated. The day ended pretty crappy... I couldn't get the engine out of gear and I plowed into the back side of a large powerboat in the slip next to me. OUCH!
6 Photos
Created 7 April 2007
This was the first day on board Junessa. I looked in every corner on board and climbed to the top of the mast! I had Chinese food and Corona Beer then feel asleep to some beautiful candle light and music.
4 Photos
Created 4 April 2007
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