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11 October 2011 | 11 58'N:73 44'W, Off coast of Columbia
Our little floating island is turning into quit the petting zoo! We have a resident green tweetie bird that flys all over the boat, inside and out! Keeps us amuzed! We had a hawk make multipule landing attempts on the boat lastnight during a wicked storm... here was his best landing! one talon stuck in our windgenerator!!! Lucky for him and us, the generatrors weren't spinning!!!! He would land on one blade and his weight would turn the blades and wack him in the head, so he would let go and try again! I was shinning a light at the solar panels for a better landing spot, but he was set on landing on them darn windgeneratrors! He finally did make an emergency landing on the forward deck and was holding on for dear life!!! While the hawk was "calling the ball" to land, lightning and thunder was all around us! HOLY CRAP! is all i can say! plus I had a pod of dolphins playing around the boat! Dad and Chad were safely tucked inside during most of the excitment lastnight. We have been trying to do 2 hours on and 4 hours off, but everynight we get hit with a storm! :( Today has been zero to light winds off the nose, so we have been motoring for since noon...almost 2 hours now. This current and wind off the nose is making forward progress less than desirable! ugh!!!! Everybody is enjoying the fresh tuna, goolosh, french toast and cold canned fruits. I don't think we are loosing any weight yet. Sleep is still hard to come by for all of us.... Just when you doze off, a wave pounds the underbelly of the cat and BOOM!!! You're awake again. We all looking forward to dropping the anchor in some beautiful calm warm waters!!!! We did a swim call again today... It sure is spooky jumping off into "space" especially with a dive mask on! yicks! Our bee population has been wiped out by the trusty fly-swatter brigade! haha We haven't had any more moths or bugs since our little tweety bird took up residence! I'll take more photos when something comes up... so far, trying to sleep and making things to eat. Chow from the three amigos! PS. no spell checker! ugh!
Vessel Name: JUNESSA
Vessel Make/Model: 28' Bristol Channel Cutter (BCC)
Hailing Port: Anchorage, Alaska
Crew: Rick Peterson
About: JUNESSA has a few new crew members! My lovely wife, Terri, who is eager to go cruising as a family! Taylor, our teenager, and Jenna our youngest and Pixie the wonder dog.
This is my very first boat!!!! Nothing like starting out with the best Blue Water Cruiser money can buy! The BCC was designed by Lyle Hess and made famous by Lin & Larry Pardey as they documented in books, videos and dvd's their sailing adventures on board their homebuilt BCC 'Taleisin'. My [...]
JUNESSA's Photos - (Main)
Working and Playing on the Big Island of Hawaii ALOHA!
24 Photos
Created 20 January 2009
Working on bottom and interior.
9 Photos
Created 9 January 2009
4 Photos
Created 12 April 2007
Here's a few shots of prepping the boat for the long ride NORTH to Gig Harbor, Wa. It took about 5 hours to prep and load her up.
5 Photos
Created 8 April 2007
Here's a few shots of my 1985 28 foot Bristol Channel Cutter (BCC) built in Vancouver, BC. She's a full keel fiberglass hull with teak and mahogany wood throughout. She's powered by a Volvo 28hp diesel.
4 Photos
Created 7 April 2007
I had a great day learning how to sail my BCC. The learning curve was a little steeper than I had anticipated. The day ended pretty crappy... I couldn't get the engine out of gear and I plowed into the back side of a large powerboat in the slip next to me. OUCH!
6 Photos
Created 7 April 2007
This was the first day on board Junessa. I looked in every corner on board and climbed to the top of the mast! I had Chinese food and Corona Beer then feel asleep to some beautiful candle light and music.
4 Photos
Created 4 April 2007
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