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Found Password/Username!!!

16 September 2012 | Afghanistan
Rick 82,173
Hi from the Sandbox in Afghanistan... It's been awhile since my last blog... sorry! I forgot my username/password!!!

I had very busy time off during July/Aug!!! I decided that I was going to cross off another bucket-list item by riding my BMW1200GS to the TOP OF ALASKA! I didn't waste anytime and packed up the bike and headed North to Port Angeles,Wa to beautiful Victoria, BC. I met up with a Harley rider (Ralph) and one of the Racing Green riders (Greg) and we headed North towards the top of Vancouver Island. The ferry ride from Port Hardy to Prince Rupert was stunning! Always one of my favorites!!! Next leg was Alaska Marine Highway Ferry to Juneau to spend some time with Terri and her Alaska Family. Then ferry to Skagway, AK!!! The ride to Fairbanks on the Top of The World Highway. I had a nice visit with Terry in Fairbanks before heading North to the Arctic Circle and Deadhorse at the top of Alaska.... after being woken up by a Mamma Brown Bear and her cub, I did a 180 and headed back to Fairbanks then South along the World Famous Alaska Highway to Port Townsend.

Somewhere during all that riding, I found the time to fly to Texas to see my Son graduate from the Air Force Boot Camp!!! Go Air Force!! haha

Then over to Mississippi for a Family Reunion at my Mother's new home!
What a wonderful vacation! I only wish my Daughter and Grandson could've made it down too. Maybe next time! :)

Vessel Name: JUNESSA
Vessel Make/Model: 28' Bristol Channel Cutter (BCC)
Hailing Port: Anchorage, Alaska
Crew: Rick Peterson
About: JUNESSA has a few new crew members! My lovely wife, Terri, who is eager to go cruising as a family! Taylor, our teenager, and Jenna our youngest and Pixie the wonder dog.
This is my very first boat!!!! Nothing like starting out with the best Blue Water Cruiser money can buy! The BCC was designed by Lyle Hess and made famous by Lin & Larry Pardey as they documented in books, videos and dvd's their sailing adventures on board their homebuilt BCC 'Taleisin'. My [...]
JUNESSA's Photos - (Main)
Working and Playing on the Big Island of Hawaii ALOHA!
24 Photos
Created 20 January 2009
Working on bottom and interior.
9 Photos
Created 9 January 2009
4 Photos
Created 12 April 2007
Here's a few shots of prepping the boat for the long ride NORTH to Gig Harbor, Wa. It took about 5 hours to prep and load her up.
5 Photos
Created 8 April 2007
Here's a few shots of my 1985 28 foot Bristol Channel Cutter (BCC) built in Vancouver, BC. She's a full keel fiberglass hull with teak and mahogany wood throughout. She's powered by a Volvo 28hp diesel.
4 Photos
Created 7 April 2007
I had a great day learning how to sail my BCC. The learning curve was a little steeper than I had anticipated. The day ended pretty crappy... I couldn't get the engine out of gear and I plowed into the back side of a large powerboat in the slip next to me. OUCH!
6 Photos
Created 7 April 2007
This was the first day on board Junessa. I looked in every corner on board and climbed to the top of the mast! I had Chinese food and Corona Beer then feel asleep to some beautiful candle light and music.
4 Photos
Created 4 April 2007
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