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06 November 2011 | still at the boatyard
06 November 2011
06 November 2011 | Beaufort, NC


06 November 2011 | still at the boatyard
Now, a week later, I am still here but lots of new progress. The new bimini hardtop is temporarily in place, I should have the 4 corner supports Monday evening. It survived very high winds Friday night.
The new propellor arrived and I even found a spare at a great price in Texas. The outdrive repair shop found 3 small problems with my outdrive after I took it back. I should be able to pick it up Monday afternoon.
I finished sanding all the old paint off and also sanded the bottom, the new underwater paint should arrive on Monday. When I was sanding, I found the old boat name, "Shadowfax" and the boat was in San Fransisco at that time.
Today I applied the first coat of the primer to the hulls. I will sand and apply another primer coat tomorrow and then the first color coat on Tuesday. I have a big list of jobs for each day. I hope I can get all the tasks complete daily. I want to be back into the water and headed south as soon as possible.

Getting ready

06 November 2011
Today is the 26th and making some progress. I picked up the outdrive today and seems that the service shop has found a propeller for me.
I flipped the bimini over and now working on the top side. It is going slow since I can only apply epoxy to one area at a time - I do not have enough clamps to work a larger area but it is coming out good. I provided a sketch to a fabrication shop to make the new supports for the bimini. I should have the first 4 on Friday and then I can measure the other 4 for the corners.

I bought a new special sander today and started sanding off the old paint from the sides of the hull. I want to give it a new color and maybe can find someone to paint the new boat name on for me.

And I ordered a new data card for my chartplotter that will cover Florida and the Bahamas. The data card I have now only covers the middle of the US eastern coast.

Missed the target date

06 November 2011 | Beaufort, NC
Today is the 23rd and the original target date but obviously are not making it. I am still "on the hard" (out of the water) at Bock Marine in Beaufort, NC. I climb up and down a 10 foot ladder many times every day. The nights are cold here now and the days quite comfortable after the rain stopped a couple days ago. There are about 15 boats here with full time liveaboards doing much as I are doing. Some have been here for years!!

I have ordered new LED lights and a new 12v fridge/freezer, both should arrive next week. The outdrive is off and being serviced. I still need to replace the headstay ( long wire holding up the mast) and install the new (used) roller furler. I also need to find a good used roller furler sail. Everything on the starboard (right) side has been removed, cleaned and painted and now being restowed.

The port (left) side is a more complex issue. I cut out a rotten bulkhead and epoxied in a new one. I also build a new shelf where a new set of drawers will go in the "head" (bathroom). This will get cleaned and painted tomorrow. Then will move aft (toward the rear) and finish the interior.

Today I got Barry from Flutterby to help lift the rigid bimini up and we test fit it and measured for the new supports to be made. You can see it just behind the boat in the first picture. Also note all the other stuff out on the back deck!! We decided to increase the radii in the corners. I bought some thin wood tonight and will get Phil on Oryoki to help me plane it thinner so it can bend and then epoxy it together.
When do I leave? I am trying to get to Florida by November 11th so am working hard every day to be able to "splash" back into the water.
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