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18 September 2007 | Langkawi, Malaysia
20 February 2007 | Langkawi, Malaysia
16 February 2007 | Talaga Marina
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27 January 2007 | Phuket
13 January 2007 | Phuket and surrounding islands.
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03 January 2007 | Phuket and the surrounding Islands
26 December 2006 | Phuket and the Islands
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30 October 2006 | Singapore
30 October 2006 | Singapore
18 October 2006 | Bangka Island..01.32'N 105. 50.97'E
09 October 2006 | Borneo..03 20.03'S:114 33.01'E

Bangka Island to Singapore

18 October 2006 | Bangka Island..01.32'N 105. 50.97'E
BBQ on Bangka Island.

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Wednesday 18th October 2006

Got up at 0600 hours, it was a wind less, smokey morning, put gandy pants up, the shackle broke on raising it the first time , and the sail fell back down to the deck, so tied it on to the sail with a bowline, will replace the shackle later. Raised it again, unfurled it, then furled it up properly, took it down, and stored it below, whilst at anchor, as we are planning to try John's MPS out today.
Left anchorage at 0700 hours, heading for Cebia Island 44 miles away, position 01.11.46 South 105.13.98 East, I hurt my back using the bolt croppers cutting off the old shackle from the spinnaker halyard, wasn't standing square to it when I applied the pressure to cut it.
Although my back was hurting, we where excited to try this new MPS, The snuffer system to release and stuff it the sail is new to us, and it worked very well, as long as all the seams are straight, we put it up, and it is magnificent, Red and White, and much bigger than Gandy Pants.
We think that John's sail is a bit too long in the luff, but could use it as a spinnaker, although it has not really got enough belly for a proper one. It has got me thinking we should get a proper spinnaker now
The wind died soon after, so snuffed it, and the beast was back in it's sausage, now harmless, dropped it to the deck, and put it in it's sail bag.
It look like we will have a great equator party, we should be meeting up with La Barca, Aquarius, Gambori, Resolute, as well as the boats we are sailing with.

Thursday 19th October 2006

Because I had hurt my back, we had decided to make this an easy trip, motor sail all the way if necessary, I had a pain killer's before going to bed, woke up at 0130 hours, took another two, read a book for a while on deck, as it was so hot below. got up at 0500 hours, ready for today's sail, and took two more pain killers.
We left at 0600 hour to sail to Sunsa Island, 56 miles away, position 00.18.59 South, 104.59.05 East. It was dark when we left, but main when up with just one problem, the lazy jack jammed the main track, so had to drop it out, un-jam it, then all went all right. The anchor came up without a problem.
We got up there, the sun had risen, and conditions where just right for the MPS, every one else had put theirs up, my back was now much more relaxed, and was not hurting very much, so we decided to go for it.
Put John's MPS up without any problem, and we where sailing at 8.5 knots in 13 knots apparent wind, it was great, and this carried on for a couple of hours. The wind started to come more on to the beam, and as the MPS is too long for Mr Bean, the luff started to curl in, causing the sail too collapse, and the only way to stop it , was to sail more down wind.
We decided we try using the MPS as a spinnaker, to put the pole out on the windward side, went below to get an other line to use as a guy, (leeward sheet),.
Looking for the line, opened the wardrobe, and the box with six heavy bole, dropped out and fell on my toe, crushing it, and cutting it, very painful, Lindy had to fit bandages on it, to stop bleeding.. now a bad foot and a bad back.
Fitted the guy on the take, then through the pole and back to the winch, tightened up on it, let go the tack, where it was fitted to the bow, and we where flying a spinnaker.
It seemed to be flying too high, and felt it was a little out of control, so decided to take it down. It come down beautifully, really like this snuffer system.
Had to motor sail for a while, then was able to sail again under conventional sail, the wind was getting up a little, and the smoke had come back.
We had a call from Treed, saying the alternative anchorage, further on, and more convenient, but looked not so good on the chart, in present conditions, but they said it was looking good, so changed course to alterative anchorage.
After han hour, we had an other call, saying it was very rolly, so we changed course to original anchorage, but taking a new route behind the island, it was very rough, wind over tide, depth dropped down to 6 metres, it showed minimum depth on chart was 7 metres, which was a little worrying.
Got to anchorage, very tired, hurting, and needing some R and R.
Anchored near Ventana, after a while we seemed up be getting too close to him , due to us all going in different directions, caused by the currant flow, called him up to say we where moving, put the motor on, went on deck a Ventana was 200 metres away very close to Been A Long, they had to move, having anchored after Ventana anchor.
We now seem OK, so turned the motor off, and at last we could relax !!!!

Friday 20th October 2006

Left Sunsa Island by 0700, back through the pass between the islands, had the reverse, having wind over tide, and was very uncomfortable again, intil we got through. Took the short cut, hugging the main land,and bypassing going around the island, and are now on passage to Kenta Island, Position 00.04.08 NORTH, 104.46.06 East, 34 miles away.
We crossed the Equator at 1300hours, put some rum in to a sea shell, and put it in the sea for King Neptune, all to the music of Land of Hope and Glory. We toasted each other and are very excited about being back on the right side of the world again !
Got into Kenta Island by 1400 hours, dropped the anchor, tidied up a bit, had a shower, then went over to Silver Fern, to see Bromwin have her head shaved, which she did, followed by Libby and Jeff off Calypso JJ . This was to raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation, and apparently they raised $ 2000 Aus , we contributing to it.
From there we went to the beach for a BBQ, there were about 30 of us, which was great fun. I managed to talk to Price from Silver Fern about flying the new MPS that we are still looking at, and he said it does not matter if the sail is a bit to long in the luff
The situation that arose the other day, when it was collapsing, could have been retrieved by tightening the sheet, to bring it more square with the wind. So I have spoken to John, and said I will give it another trial.
Saturday 21st October 2006

Had a much needed rest today, repaired bow thruster, the port thrust there seemed to be a loose connection, also fitted a block and tackle on the bow, this is to adjust the luff of the MPS.
Had an invite to go to a BBQ dinner on Calypso JJ, with Jeff and Sarah, with their 3 three children, on it, also invited were, Tony off Tactical Direction, The La Barca's, and Been A Long.
Luckily they had a 55 foot yacht, so their was plenty of room, we had a great evening, the food was delicious, Squib and fish followed by steak.

Sunday 22nd October 2006

Left Kenta Island at first light, 0630 hours, for a trip 60 miles north, it was a grey smokey day, had a little rain, the first we have seen for months.
We picked a little place to stop, off Bintan Island, 00.52.40 North 104.14.87 East, a very pretty spot, with fishing platforms with the nets, also fish traps, we anchored in 7 metres of water.
The trip up was OK, the traffic is starting to increase the closer we get to Singapore, we tried the MPS again, and it worked so well, the block and tackle worked so well, and have decided that if the price is right, we will buy it.
Been A Long can over to Mr Bean for a BBQ, in the evening, and we cooked lamb cutlets and belly pork, it was very nice, finished off the evening listening to Jefro, they are big fans of his.

Monday 23nd October 2006

Upped anchor at 0700 hours, visibility very poor, and needed radar, we are going to Noogsa Point marina, where we will check out of Indonesia, co-ordinates are 01.11.81 North, 104.05.80 South.
We stayed in shallow water, and avoided most of the heavy traffic other cruisers got., and got to the marina at 1200 hours, called in on channel 72, got a very professional response, saying which side the tie up was etc, and on are approach to the pontoon, we had three guys to take are lines, and basically do every thing for us.
Marina manager came aboard, took our passports, to have us checked out, and immigration will arrive at 1100 hours tomorrow to see us leave, it is normally 0800 hours, but unfortunately it is a public holiday, so they start late. This means that will we not be able to make Singapore tomorrow, so will go 15 miles west and anchor, still in Indonesia, but legally not able to step ashore.
Had lunch, then a swim in their pool, an afternoon nap, then dinner.

Tuesday 24th October 2006

Immigration can early, with the passports, but on checking mine, they had forgot to stamp it, so they had to go back into town, to do it.
We left by 1100 hours, in company with Been A Long and Annwin, Wal and Robin, we went west, about 14 miles, then anchored for the night.
Went aboard Annwin for a sundowner, and had a very pleasant time, with them and Ben A Long.

Wednesday 25th October 2006

Had the anchor and main sail up by 0700 hours, and heading for a suitable site to cross the very busy Singapore straight, we crossed at right angles to the traffic, and had no problems. We had the tide with us, and was able to motor, if necessary, at up to 8 knots.
Once over, we headed for Raffles Marina, we did not do quite the course intended, as a lot of land has been re-claimed, and had to skirt around it
One incident caused us to get gallons of sea water through the forepeak hatch, a large 8 foot wave caused by a boat, we saw it coming, and we purposely took it directly the bow, the bow went right under water, and on coming up, we had water rushing up towards the cockpit, never seen so much water on the boat. It was like a mini tidal wave, it happens so fast
Unfortunately, we had left all the hatches open. it was mainly the two MPS that got it below, but will need to put the mattresses out to remove the sea water from them, luckily it rains here every day, at 1500 hours, so we are told.
We arrived at about noon, at Raffles Marina, a very lovely marina, had no problems getting in to the mooring, I was allowed to take it in for a change, again , like Noogsa, we had line handlers waiting to take the lines, and do the complete tie up, knowing exactly what they were doing.
We checked in via the Marina, got connected to mains electricity, all very easy, and the marina has local free phones, so was able to call someone to come and look at are fridge, as it stopped working, today.
The fridge just cannot start, it tries, but as it does, there is a big voltage drop, so stops again, I have check the gas, but that was good at 60 psi, whilst stopped. This problem has been progressive, starting about two weeks ago, when sometimes I would need to start the engine, to increase the volts, to get it to work. The mechanic is coming tomorrow at 1100 hours.
Had a reception at 1800 hours, for the rally, free soft drinks, and a very tasty buffet, then an reasonably early night. Looking forward to seeing the marina tomorrow, and also to get to the City, which is done by courtesy bus , then the tube.

Thursday 26th October 2006

Got up at 0400 hours, checked the fridge gas pressure, it was 20 psi, which is right, then made space for the gear box that we had sent on from Darwin, and is now part of our spare part back up store, throwing out some old used fan belts etc to give me a bit more room.
Went back to bed, then got up at 0600 hours, and tidied the boat up a bit, put all the stuff that got wet when the wave hit us, up top, so that the rain will wash away the salt.
Lindy took the courtesy bus the mall, to get some money, I carried on tidying the spare room, then went and had breakfast at the marina. Had a lovely chat with Tony off Tactical Direction, he has entered the Kings Cup race week in Phuket, and says it is great fun, and the after race celebration dinners are magnificent. I think we will get there, so we can be part of it.
It can to paying my bill, and I could not find my wallet, so had to go back to the boat to hopefully get it, but it was not there. Went back to restaurant, to pay with another card, had a look around, but could not see it.
On Lindy's return, I hoped she had taken it, but she hadn't, I cancelled one of the cards, the other had cancelled it self, as it some times does on reaching another country.
Lindy went to the marina office, and it was there, they had found it in the restaurant, so rang England again to get the Tesco card working again.
That evening went on Touche, John and Joy, for sundowner's, with Trevor and Joan, then up to the restaurant for dinner, with those four plus Tony, Calypso JJ, La Barca's, and had a really lovely evening with them all.

Friday 27th October 2006

Got up at 0400 hours, cleaned out the fridge compartment, then glued seal back on the fore head door, then back to bed till 0730 hours.
Went into he mall on the 1015 hours courtesy bus, got sine cards for the two phone's, then stayed at the mall till about 1500 hours, spending time buying a new camera, an external hard disk that can store 250 gb of info, a wireless internet connector, 2 pillows, and also did a bit of food and drink shopping.
Got a taxi back to the marina, $8, �3, then went of a swim in the pool, most welcome in this heat.
Had a pot luck meal with the yachties, it was so so, but could not sit down,

Saturday 28th October 2006

Sorted some of the yacht jobs out early morning before the heat of the day, I filled up with 140 litres of diesel from the jerry cans on deck, will not refill them now, as when we go home I want them empty.
Lindy started tidying below, then we went for lunch, then a swim in the pool, I don't think we could survive the heat and humidity for midday, without it.
Went on the coach at 1800 hours, to the night zoo, it was very good, returned by 2230 hours.

Sunday 29th October 2006

Got uo early, and did some boat jobs, wash all the stuff that got sea water on it coming to Raffles, plus washed all the salt off the decks canvas and gandy pants.
Pulled gandy up, unfurled it, to dry it, then brought it down and stowed it in the forpeck locker, where the bow thrusher motor is, it fits well, just need to find a space of the stuff taken out!
Re arranged the gas bottles, taking the empty one below, the boat is starting to look better now!
Met the bus at 1345 hours, to go to China Town and Little India, we actually spent very little time in either, we spent some time at China town looking at at a Temple, but the tour guide was lovely, gave a lot of info on Singapore, we also went to the main water front where the theatre is, and the Merlion.

We elected to be taken to Newton Circus, the food market, and find our our way back, and we had a magnificent time eating the sweetest Crab, Tiger Prawns, Calamari, with rice and loads of Tiger beer, we enjoyed this with Anwin and Resolute.

Vessel Name: Mr Bean
Vessel Make/Model: Bruce Roberts
Hailing Port: Eastbourne, UK
Crew: Malcolm Robertson
About: Admiral Lindy Robertson
Extra: Yacht Mr BeanIs presently on the hard stand at Rebak Marina, Langkawi. while we spend the summer back in the UK. Left UK, from Eastbourne Marina on June 15th 1998, and have nearly sailed around the world, mostly just the two of us.

Who: Malcolm Robertson
Port: Eastbourne, UK