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18 September 2007 | Langkawi, Malaysia
20 February 2007 | Langkawi, Malaysia
16 February 2007 | Talaga Marina
13 February 2007 | Talaga Marina
07 February 2007 | Koh Mok
03 February 2007 | Phi Phi Don
27 January 2007 | Phuket
13 January 2007 | Phuket and surrounding islands.
09 January 2007 | Phuket and the surrounding Islands
03 January 2007 | Phuket and the surrounding Islands
26 December 2006 | Phuket and the Islands
10 December 2006 | Phuket
01 December 2006 | Thailand
22 November 2006 | Panang
16 November 2006 | Port Dickson
30 October 2006 | Singapore
30 October 2006 | Singapore
18 October 2006 | Bangka Island..01.32'N 105. 50.97'E
09 October 2006 | Borneo..03 20.03'S:114 33.01'E

Singapore to Port Dickson, Malaysia

30 October 2006 | Singapore
Photo above..Pool at Port Dickson Marina

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Thursday 2nd November 2006

Lindy went in to have her hair done, and pick up the passports, I did a engine check, filled up with water, replaced and repaired the hinges on one of the on deck boxes.
I went to the seminar for Malaysia and Thailand, it all seems great, I booked out, paid up, and are all ready to go tomorrow, the flag off is at 100 hours. Looking forward to getting back to sailing.

Friday 3rd November 2006

Left the Raffles marina at 0915 hours, for a 1000 hours start from outside the marina, there where 24 boats leaving at the official time, and we had the traditional race start, great fun. Photo of start and later a yacht pushing his luck crossing in front of a container ship, plonker !!!!
We got to Palau Island 30 miles away, at 1530 hours, we had up to 1.5 knots of tide with us, and for the last hour, we had a lovely sail.
Anchored in 5 metres of water, it was a bit rolly, but we anchored with every one else, I am not sure it was the right place, but never mind.
We BBQed chicken, and it was very good, we are planning to leave at 0600 hours, of our 67 mile trip to the Water Islands, Besar Island, and are hoping for some assistance from the tide.

Saturday 4th November 2006

Left Palua Island at 0600 hours, still dark, 67 miles away, we were hoping for tide with us most of the way, but it turned out to be against us now than it was with.
We motored most of the way, but used the new MPS, firstly whilst motoring, then we where able to sail, and we where sailing at 8.5 knots, with a bit of tide, this went on for an hour, when it looked like a storm was coming, so reluctantly took it down.
Got to Besar Island at 1700 hours, by now it was quite dark and raining, a very tiring day, will have a days rest tomorrow.
Anchored in 10 metres, postion 02.07 North 102.19 East, the island looks like it has some very posh resorts and private residates, with ferries coming from the main land.

Sunday 5th November 2006

Just repaired bow thrusters again, and sorted this word program out, a generally had a relaxed day. On to Port Dickson, Admiral Marina, tomorrow, plan to leave at 07oo hours, it is 40 miles away.

Monday 6th November 2006

We left the anchorage at 0630 hours, just getting light, and motored out into deeper water, before we turned for our course to Port Dickson.
The wind was on the beam, so we could sail, but had 1.5 knots of tide against us, so we motored sailed to keep a deceit speed up.
The course was littered with fishing nets, and we had to keep going around them. On the last bit of the trip, the wind came right on the nose, and 20 knots of it, but by that time, we had up to four knots of tide with us.
We got to Admiral Marina at 1500 hours, very easy berthing, with lots of help. There was check-in facilities at the marina, and customs are coming at 0800 hours tomorrow.
Raffles didn't give me our port clearance papers, so I have email them, to send them direct to this Marina.
The marina is lovely, we had a high tea reception, then spent time cooling off in the pool.
Spoke to one for the marina's workers, about getting the boat washed and polished, and said no problem, and quoted 400 ringgit, about �66, which I agreed to, if the job done properly, other wise we would drastily reduced this amount, we had to supply all the polish etc.

Tuesday 7th November 2006

Four guys were at the boat at 0800 hours, ready to start on the boat. At 0830 hours, we took the free trip to the Military Museum, very interesting, about occupation of the country by the Portuguese, Dutch, British, Japan, then the Commonwealth, then their independence. Before we commenced our walk around the museum, we where given food, a sit down tea and cake jobby.
Then on to an Ostrich farm, where we had lots of fun watching these strange, non-flying birds, that to me look like ET. Then having a go at riding them, which both of us received a certificate, then watching the professionals race them, which was very entertaining.
Then on the old Royal Palace, which is now a museum, but before that we had lunch and dancing entertainment at the resort next door.
Then on for more food at a local village, all the people we have met, have made us feel very comfortable, and are very impressed with Malaysia.
Got back to the marina at 1800 hours, the boat was sparkly, what great people they are, speaking later to the chief polisher, he said he went around polishing the top sides , three times.
They where so happy we where pleased with the job, and for cause they got the full amount of money.
We where so impressed with the standard, not seen since New Zealand, that we thought we would enquire about extending the fore-peak sleeping area, especially as we will be sleeping there when the family come out.

Wednesday 8th November 2006
We spent time cleaning some of the stainless steel, plus sorting out the new fore-peak. The guys came back quoted 1200 Ringgits, �120, which we excepted, and by 1400 hours they had started, they left at about 12000 hours, by which time, much of the work had been completed.
Later had a lunch BBQ on Mr Bean, with Been a Long, then a swim, back to boat, Sundowner on Been a Long, then to the Grand Dinner, given by the Malaysian Tourist board, we all had a lovely time, and great dancing entertainment.

Vessel Name: Mr Bean
Vessel Make/Model: Bruce Roberts
Hailing Port: Eastbourne, UK
Crew: Malcolm Robertson
About: Admiral Lindy Robertson
Extra: Yacht Mr BeanIs presently on the hard stand at Rebak Marina, Langkawi. while we spend the summer back in the UK. Left UK, from Eastbourne Marina on June 15th 1998, and have nearly sailed around the world, mostly just the two of us.

Who: Malcolm Robertson
Port: Eastbourne, UK