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18 September 2007 | Langkawi, Malaysia
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03 January 2007 | Phuket and the surrounding Islands
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30 October 2006 | Singapore
18 October 2006 | Bangka Island..01.32'N 105. 50.97'E
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Phuket, into The Royal Phuket Marina

10 December 2006 | Phuket
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Sunday 10th December 2006

Had a quite day recuperating from the weeks racing, we ran the portable generator, for most of the day, to bring the batteries back up.
At 1500 hours, dingyed ashore, took a tok tok to a nearby market, brought loads of fruit and veg. as we are planning to move up north 4 miles, to stay at freedom bay, a beach we visited 25 years ago, with the six pack.
After shopping, we met up with the others, and had a drink and a meal, below racing team Calyso JJ.

Monday 11th November 2006

Left the anchorage by 1000 hours, motored the 4 miles up to Freedom Bay/ Beach, it was nearly as we left it, just a few more sun lounges and a bigger restaurant.

Went ashore for lunch, very nice, little expensive, but it's the only restaurant, back to the boat after a lovely shower for the cold spring water, La Barca arrived late afternoon, went aboard their boat for drinks, then ashore for a BBQ for fresh squid.

Tuesday 12th November 2006

Left the achorage at 0700 hours, headed for Phi Phi Le, but by the time we had got to Koh Hae Island, we had had enough, the 20 knots of wind was on the nose, and we had another 20 miles to go, so we turned around, and headed back to Nai Harm, a lovely bay on the South West coast, which has the Le Royal Meridien Phuket yacht club, in it, no boat mooring!
We spent a quite day there, did not even go ashore.

Wednesday 13th November 2006

Got up feeling ready for the day, R and R is working, checked, and topped up the eight batteries, repaired the 12 volt female plug under the nav station. Then made a new cable for the TV in the stern cabin, changed the blown bulb on the anchor light, and that was work for the day..
We had breakfast, got the dingy down, ready to go ashore for a look and lunch, we ran the generator from 1000 hours till we got back after lunch about 1400 hours, and for the first time for a long time we where fully charged.
The hotel ashore was very grand, beside that, there were a few little shops, and a few restaurants, we had a lovely lunch, in one of the restaurants.
Rang Anne to see how Fred was, but he does not have his operation tomorrow.

Thursday 14th November 2006

Left Nai Harn bay at 0800 hours, we tried again to get to Phi Phi Li, but the wind was right on the nose, also we think it is too far away, and the kids would probably get bored. We decided to head straight up to the island off the marina, Ko Rang, we anchored, then went ashore and had a lovely late lunch.
This small island is very friendly, it's a bit like a scaled down Club Med, it was little huts or tents to stay in, their are mountain bikes to hirer, and the island is very beautiful.
Rang Anne to see how Fred faired with his operation, but she was not there.

Friday 15th November 2006

Left Ko Rang at 1030 hours, to go to Koh Phing Kan, (James Bond Island), we had to motor all the way, but it was a delightful passage, with flat seas, and a 0 5 knot tide helping us in the flood tide.
Once rounding Koh Lolo Island, the depths became very shallow, at one stage we had less than 1 metre under the keel, so slowed right down, turned back, then came closer to the Islands, and we found deeper water, and was able to carry on.
We got around Koh Yang Island, and anchored in 6 metres, on it's south side, it is a lovely bay that has a safe feeling about it. And we are the only boat here in paradise.
Rang Fred up, his heart operation was a total success, all be it took twice as long as it should.

Saturday 16th November 2006

This awesome anchorage, 200 metres south of James Bond Island, which is also awesome, but spoilt by the vendors at the lagoon.

Sunday 17th December 2006

Left Koh Phing Kan at 0700 hours to use the high tide to make sure we got out over the shallows. Had a lovely beam reach sail, with winds over 20 knots, using just the head sails.
Got back to Ko Rang at 1100 hours, anchored, then went ashore and met the La Barca,s for lunch. Went back to boat about 3 o,clock, later the La Barca,s came for a sundowner.

Monday.18th December 2006

Left Ko Rang at 0715 hours, with La Barca, heading for the fairway bouy, and the start of the channel to The Royal Phuket marina, the sea was very rough, and the wind was blowing 20 knots.
We had a call from La Barca, saying that there engine had stopped, and Adam was trying to fix it, we said we would stand by. By 0815 hours, we called then to say, if they cannot get the engine running now, we better give them a tow, or we will miss the tide going up the river.
They confirmed that they would take the tow, and that the engine was not going to work. We got the line to them via their dingy, we held them whilst they got their anchor up by hand, windless not working, because no engine!

And off we went without any drama, the trip down the channel was OK, most of the time around 3 metres, from the water line. As we reached the shallowest bit, rounding the corner, three speed boats came racing down, and although I wanted to keep to the outside of the bend, I felt I had to give them right of way, and went further over to starboard, and promptly went aground.
After trying to push are selves off with motor, bow thrusters, sail and dingy, the only thing we did not try was running the anchor out, then pulling ourselves forward on it, but it river was busy with these dam speed boats coming down from Boat Lagoon Marina, at 60 miles per hour, with punters on board, thinking it was very funny.
Adam went up to the Royal Phuket marine, in his dingy, and got them to come down with a big speed boat, and to pull us off, which they did, and all ended well.
Got into the marina berth, got the electric's going, and switched on the air conditioning, it was such a great idea to buy it, I don't think we could we could bear being here without it.Photo of Mr Bean in marina follow's

Tuesday 19th December 2006

Filled up the diesel tanks, with 105 litres from 5 jerry cans, and will put all the 7 empty ones in storage, with also chairs, lee boards, empty gas bottle, 2 bikes. We paid $10 American, for part of the room, of a month, whilst the children are here, giving us more room on board.
We had confirmation, from Will and Annie, that we have a space in Yacht Haven Marina, so we can now drop Tara off there, and pick Darren up there.
I went to see Mark Ray, the manager of the Marina, and said that due to the depth problem, on the approach, we would leave on Wednesday, and not return till April 07, when we go on the hard. He is just charging us whilst we are here, then put the residue as deposit, for the hard stand.

Wednesday 20th December 2006

Got rid of the old spare anchor chain, it had turned into a pile of rust, put it into a trolley, and gave it to one on the marina people.
Took Satellite phone aerial to get it repaired at Electrical Marine Co. Ltd, in Boat Lagoon marina, the guy seems to know what he is doing, and he is English.
Got the guy from Canvas Creations, also in boat Lagoon Marina, in came over to our marina, took measurements of the new generator, so he can make a cover for it.
Found a great boat shop, selling lots of what we want, I got the connection for the raw water sink pump, got the right hinges for the rope box, got two replacement spot lights for the saloon, and six metres of stainless steel chain, to use with the spare anchor plus 10 mm rope, that is for the parachute anchor. Also changed the white fan, and brought another for the single room, and a teak toilet roll holder for the forward head.
Ordered 9 fuel filters, from Suwit Service and Supples
We went out to dinner to dinner, with the La Barca's to an Italian restaurant at Boat Lagoon Marina..

One boat that ran aground and was not able to get off before the tide dropped!!

Thursday 21st December 2006

I got out very early, 0130 hours fitted the two new lamps, the fan, the toilet roll, and had a look at our forward head seat, to see if I could replace it with a lovely vanished teak seat, but I would have to use ithe original fittings, after altering a few things, I reckon it would work, went back to bed at 0430 hours.
Up again at 0700 hours, decided to take the CQR anchor off the bow, that is used as the spare, it has gone a bit rusty, and replace it with the Fortress. The Fortress fitted well on the bow, then stowed the CQR in the Lazarette.
Fitted the two new hinges to the rope box, got the parachute rope out of the bilge, now going to use it of the spare anchor whop, it did not fit in the anchor chain box, so just secured to the deck in there bags.
Had problem with the 220 volt electric's after calling the marina guys twice, found out it was a loose wire into the boat plug.
Went over to boat lagoon at 1300 hours, picked up the 10 fuel filters, then went to the boat shop to buy the new tack toilet seat, also brought two silver ceiling lights and a switch.
Back to our marina, had lunch at restaurant, a burger and coke, it was really good. Lindy was back from shopping when I got back to the boat, we both had a little rest, then I fitted the new toilet seat, it looks brilliant, just got to fit two more cushion lugs tomorrow.
Baby sat Jack and Amy in the evening.

Friday 22nd December 2006

Up at 0500 hours, finished off fitting the two toilet cushions to head seat, the vanish looks so good , that will have to re-vanish every thing else in the room! I went back to bed at 0600 hours, and got up again at 0730 hours.
Fitted the three fuel filters, had some trouble getting the gaskets to sit properly, and had to re-fit two of them twice.
Also cleaned out the raw water filter, and made a temporary switch for cockpit light, then went over to Boat Lagoon to pick up the Satellite dome, as they cannot fix it here.
Took the taxi to the Hospital, to have the six monthly check up for my bladder cancer, first impressions of the place was that, O my god, what am I doing here! There was a definite language problem, but once we got to the consultant, it was fine.
The actual operation, the consultant decided to do a check without aesthetic, then if they found cancer they would deal with it. On reaching the operating theatre, I was placed on the bed, legs lifted up on crutches and strapped , then my upper body was lowered, then I was blindfolded, and all my bottom half exposed.
With the language problem, I wondered at this point, if I was in a sex parlour, then the probe entered, they had not got the flexible one here, so it was quite uncomfortable, but they did a good job, and they the good news was, I was all clear of cancer. The after affects were, I felt very bruised in the bladder, and it was very sore., but where I normally get pain, in the pipes leading to the bladder, especially when having a pee, was fine.

Saturday 23rd December 2006

Decided to have an easy day, fixed up the fan that was in the single room, in the main saloon, moved my wooden whale, over to the main saloon wall, it looks good there.
Changed the rubber fitting on the windless, hopefully, I will not get an electric shock when bringing up the anchor in future.
Tidied up the boat a bit, in and out, Jack and Amy came over at noon, I went off with Adam and Brom, to get a new ships clock, a few bits, and some money, got back at 1800 hours, then straight on to a bash at the restaurant, it was very well done, with excellent food.

Sunday 24th December 2006 2 days till Tara and the boys arrive.

Tidied up the boat some more, at 1730 hours, we went over to Alesha, Dick and Pam's boat, for a Christmas drink, it was lovely, Dick had made a wonderful tasting Mulled wine, he had bakes an Orange in the oven for 20 minutes, which has cloves stuck into it. The juices for the orange and cloves mix, then this is place in one piece into the wine. The wine is gently heated, and a little Rum and a few other herbs are added.

Monday 25th December 2006 Christmas Day

Up at 0700 hours, exchanged presents, I got a lovely Jim Thompson shirt, and Lindy got some reading books. We went over to Las Barka for breakfast, and to be grad parents to Jack and Any. That all went very well, Adam made a lovely Eggs Benedict, which we had with coffee, orange juice, and of course., Champaign.

Went up for Christmas Lunch, with the La Barca's, and the Gambori's, which we have not seen for months, and their friends, Raymond and Anne, we had a great Christmas lunch, lots for good food and a lot of fun.
That all finish up about 19 00 hours, we went back to boat, and had an early night, ready for a big day tomorrow, when Tara, Ryan, Ollie and Owen arrive, we just cannot wait.
Tara SMSed to say they where on the plane, and where travelling light, with just backpacks, that can be takenon the plane as hand luggage, and also for storage on the boat.

Vessel Name: Mr Bean
Vessel Make/Model: Bruce Roberts
Hailing Port: Eastbourne, UK
Crew: Malcolm Robertson
About: Admiral Lindy Robertson
Extra: Yacht Mr BeanIs presently on the hard stand at Rebak Marina, Langkawi. while we spend the summer back in the UK. Left UK, from Eastbourne Marina on June 15th 1998, and have nearly sailed around the world, mostly just the two of us.

Who: Malcolm Robertson
Port: Eastbourne, UK