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Phuket with Tara and her Boys

26 December 2006 | Phuket and the Islands
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Tuesday 26th December 2006
Tara, Ryan, Ollie and Owen arrive !!!!!!

We woke up very excited, Tara, Ryan, Ollie and Owen are coming today, could not wait till 1300 hours to come, we did some cleaning jobs till then, then got the taxi to the airport, Tum, our driver, was waiting for us. in it, he is a good guy.
We got to the airport by 1325 hours, and their flight showed up on the screen, that they were landing at 1350 hours, which they did, and they came out of the terminal at 1415 hours.
They all looked so lovely, we could not believe these guys had come all this way to be with us, and we will make sure, they have a very memorable holiday.

We called Tam, our taxi driver, who was waiting up the road, to pick us all up, and within minutes, we where on our way, back to the Royal Phuket Marina.
Once we had got to the boat, we got the luggage stored, we drove the dingy over to Boat Lagoon, met up with the La Barca's, at a lovely resort pool, and enjoyed Jack's 4th Birthday celebrations, mostly swimming in the pool, but also playing pass the parcel, and statues.
Back to our marina, we all had showers in their shower block, then had dinner at the marina restaurant. From there we went back to the boat, and stayed up till 2300 hours, that's only 4 pm English time.

Wednesday 27th December 2006

Tara and the boys slept in quite late, as we are normally up by 0700 hours, we woke them at 0930 hours, as we where getting the taxi to Tesco's, to buy the boys shoes, and also provisions for our trip.
After getting all the stuff, we all went to the food mall, and had prawn and squid stir fry noodle, costing 70p each, and it was delicious,
Got the taxi back to the marina, the boys played in the fountain, before leaving at 1500 hours, to get down the river on the high tide.

Ryan was steering the boat, with Lindy giving a few hints, and the rest, just relaxing on the hour long cruise up the river, and across the bay to our first anchorage, Ko Rang Yai Island.
Once there, we took the dingy ashore, swan from the beach, the La Barca's arrived in the anchorage and we all finished the day with a sunset dinner on the beach.
Unfortunately, Tara was feeling very tired and a little sick, so Lindy took her back to the boat early, so she could catch up on her sleep.

Wednesday 28th December 2006

Tara was feeling much better, when she eventually woke up, at 1000 hours, I took the boys over to the beach, before that, where Bromwin, Jack and Amy where playing, on the beach.
I can straight back to the boat, by which time Tara had risen, so we got ready to go back to the beach, where we swam, then we had lunch, then more swimming, and dingy riding.

Friday 29th December 2006

Left Ko Rang Island at 0730 hours, we where able to sail for about an hour, before the wind came on the nose, after turning around the bottom of Koh Yao Yai Island, the wind was still on the nose, so we decided to cut the trip a little shorter, by going to North Koh Dam Khwan Island, it is stunning, with a beautiful sandy beach, covered with holiday makers from the mainland, luckily they all left by 1600 hours.
We got there by 1300 hours, anchored in 12 metres of water, with Ryan and Ollies help, before getting the dingy down, and Lindy taking the children for a trip around the bay.
We then went to the beach and had a BBQ, unfortunately I got my camera wet, and it is now broken, so no more photo's.

Saturday 30th December 2006

Had a lovely day exploring this wonderful Island of North Koh Dam Khwan, snorkelling, Ryan learning to drive the dingy with the 15 hp outboard, and he is loving every moment of it.

Sunday 31st December 2006

Another lovely day at this wonderful Island, the anchorage is so calm, and so pleased we decided to keep to this side of Phuket, when we hear that the west coast is still very rolly.
Went ashore, after having a new years eve dinner, of pasta, joined by the La Barca's, and the Sea drives, Mick and Tracy.
We had a firework display, Adam had some proper fireworks, we also used our old, out of date distress flares, my parachute flares went up but did not work, and one did a quick right hand turn, straight back to the sea.

Monday 1st January 2007

Went over to the northern cove, and had a Barbecue breakfast, cooked over an open fire, some local cooked their fish on it, and shared some with us. We cooked squid, caught by Ollie, it was delicious, followed by pancakes with syrup and banana.

The setting for this was a beautiful beach with silicone sand and lime stone stunning vertical hills, studded with caves, and stalactites and stalagmites.
Tara, Ryan, Ollie and Owing are becoming very relaxed with this very different life style, and are having a lovely time.
From the beach, we went back to the boat, at 1300 hours,I had a, much needed rest, the kids played up top, fishing for squid, playing on the dingy with Jack from La Barca, how has slotted in with the boys ,very well.
At 1600 hours, we went over to the main beach to have dinner, it is a lovely setting, the family running the caf´┐Ż, are so friendly, came back about 1900 hours.

Tuesday 2nd January 2007

Went over to our favourite beach, and cooked breakfast on an open fire, we had eggs, bacon and fry bread, the time all that was done, we went back to Mr Bean, to get ready to sail to Koh Hong, an Island 10 miles NW for here.

Vessel Name: Mr Bean
Vessel Make/Model: Bruce Roberts
Hailing Port: Eastbourne, UK
Crew: Malcolm Robertson
About: Admiral Lindy Robertson
Extra: Yacht Mr BeanIs presently on the hard stand at Rebak Marina, Langkawi. while we spend the summer back in the UK. Left UK, from Eastbourne Marina on June 15th 1998, and have nearly sailed around the world, mostly just the two of us.

Who: Malcolm Robertson
Port: Eastbourne, UK