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18 September 2007 | Langkawi, Malaysia
20 February 2007 | Langkawi, Malaysia
16 February 2007 | Talaga Marina
13 February 2007 | Talaga Marina
07 February 2007 | Koh Mok
03 February 2007 | Phi Phi Don
27 January 2007 | Phuket
13 January 2007 | Phuket and surrounding islands.
09 January 2007 | Phuket and the surrounding Islands
03 January 2007 | Phuket and the surrounding Islands
26 December 2006 | Phuket and the Islands
10 December 2006 | Phuket
01 December 2006 | Thailand
22 November 2006 | Panang
16 November 2006 | Port Dickson
30 October 2006 | Singapore
30 October 2006 | Singapore
18 October 2006 | Bangka Island..01.32'N 105. 50.97'E
09 October 2006 | Borneo..03 20.03'S:114 33.01'E

Phuket to Phi Phi Don

27 January 2007 | Phuket
Photo above, The last meal at Phuket Marina

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Saturday 27th January 2007

Cleaned up the boat, then we took the dingy over to Boat Lagoon, to say our farewells to the La Barca's, had lunch at the bakery with them.
We left Royal Phuket marina, at 1600 hours, and was back at Koh Rang island by 1700 hours, having used a pilot out, we touched the bottom twice, 1.8 metre, we draw 1.9 metres, but it was only soft mud, and the keel sliced through it.
We had the Alisha's on board for drinks that evening, they are checking out Monday and off to the Med.

Sunday 28th January 2007

Left the anchorage at 0800 hours, after a rolly night, quite unusual for there, we where heading for Phi Phi Don, but it got a bit rough, and we could not sail the course, so we diverted to South Koh Yoa Yai, it was a little rolly when we got there, at 1100 hours, but got better as the day went on.
Had a stir fry, cooked on the BBQ, at about 1500 hours, and in between that, we had a very relaxing rest of day.
Seadrive came into our anchorage at 1530 ours, and invited us over for drinks at 1730 hours, to which we happily accepted, and had a lovely 2.5 hours.

Monday 29th January 2007

The wind was quite strong during the night, and was still strongest in the morning, so we decided to have a day at anchor.
At 1330 hours, we took a trip of the bay in the dingy, Gambori came in to our anchorage whilst on are trip, so on the way back we stopped off, and had a cup of tea and a chat, we arrived back on Mr Bean by 1600 hours. We then had a BBQ, using pork loin, sweet potato, potato, corn on the cob, sausages it was delicious, the pork loin is the best meat to buy!!!

Tuesday 30th January 2007

Left Koh Yoa Yai at 0830 hours, heading again for Phi Phi Dom, the east side anchorage, after a frisky 13 mile motor sail into 24 knots of wind, we arrived there, at 1130 hours. We picked up a prime mooring buoy, very choose to the beach, and well into the bay that will give more protection, in a welcomed calm bay.
Ao Yougkasem bay, has a lot for interesting these to see by dingy, so plan to stay tomorrow.

Wednesday 31st January 2007

We had a lovely peaceful night at anchor, with a gentle wind blowing, too keep us cool. We took a dingy ride into Phi Phi Dom, whilst the tide was high, and had a look around places we had not seen before, then we went back to the beach, had lunch, and back to the boat by 1400 hours.

Thursday 1st February 2007

Decided to stay at Phi Phi Don for a few more days, the wind is still strong, and blowing from the NNE, the direction we would like to go next, and it is very comfortable here.
I decided to start on the rust spots, using the new POR 15 rust preventing paint, which comes highly recommended, have attacked five area's to start with, and we will see how it goes.

Friday 2nd February 2007

Carried on attacking the rust spots, seem to be winning, hope this new paint holds good to its word. After doing all the jobs, it is so lovely to be in a place where we have time just to do the things, we want to do, and have conditions to do them,. We went ashore to Phi Phi Dom, at 1230 hours, brought some second-hand books, traded some we had, then had lunch on the beach, it is really a great place to hang out of a while.
We got back to the boat about 1500 hours, had a little rest, then over painted the rust preventer paint with the ivory white, then polished the coach-roof.
We both still like it here so will at least stay tomorrow, and there is still some work to do on the rust spots...
Vessel Name: Mr Bean
Vessel Make/Model: Bruce Roberts
Hailing Port: Eastbourne, UK
Crew: Malcolm Robertson
About: Admiral Lindy Robertson
Extra: Yacht Mr BeanIs presently on the hard stand at Rebak Marina, Langkawi. while we spend the summer back in the UK. Left UK, from Eastbourne Marina on June 15th 1998, and have nearly sailed around the world, mostly just the two of us.

Who: Malcolm Robertson
Port: Eastbourne, UK