Cruising on Sapphire

12 October 2016 | low low tide.. good time for a wing keel
29 September 2016 | Worton Creek sunset
29 September 2016 | Delaware Bay shipping
23 September 2016 | Deleware bay
23 September 2016 | Delaware Bay
23 September 2016
23 September 2016 | Cape May sunset
23 September 2016 | Atlantic Highlands
19 September 2016
19 September 2016
19 September 2016 | statue of liberty
19 September 2016 | crew at work
19 September 2016
19 September 2016
19 September 2016 | Lock 2
12 September 2016
12 September 2016
12 September 2016
04 September 2016 | Six Town Island

Green Turtle Cay

13 April 2018
We sailed from Crab Cay to Green Turtle to dodge a cold front. We first went into the Green Turtle Resort(very nice place) marina for a few nights ashore.
The dock was only available for a few days and fearing we'd get pinned in there from the high winds predicted we moved out into the anchorage where we were able to secure a mooring. We rented a golf cart with another couple we just met who have a sistership to Sapphire and toured the island.
When the front came through, the gusts to 30 knots resulted in a number of boats dragging. The lucky boats lost their grip just before dark and were able to grab an open mooring, or go into one of the marinas. the unfortunate boats that drug were forced to try and re-anchor in the dark and pouring rain. Luckily there were no collisions and everyone survived the night. We looked at the weather forecast and decided to extend our mooring stay a few days to cover the next front due Monday. Yesterday while diving on Sapphire to change the zincs and clean the bottom I took a look at our mooring. Just to be safe I backed up the rusty chain with a piece of 3/4" nylon line I keep around for such things. Nothing to do know except wait it out.

Cay hopping East thru the Abacos

04 April 2018 | Double Brested Cay
nice !!
Been a little lazy with the Blog. Anyways we are currently bobbing in the breeze at Double Brested Cay in the Northern Abacos. We left the Berry Islands a week ago. WE crossed the Northwest Providence channel and went into Port Lucaya on Southern shore of Grand Bahama Island. Very nice marina in a protected harbor and also quiet this time of year. Easy to hail the water taxi for a quick ride into the market for shopping and restaurants. We rode out a minor cold front there and then did a long sail around the west end of the island and onto the Little Bahama Bank. We have been Cay hopping east trying to visit all the more remote and often passed by islands and settlements. We weren't quire brave enough to take Sapphire into the horseshoe side of the harbor, although a dinghy ride probing depths leaves to believe we could. Another time maybe. Looks like some weather coming in a few days so we will likely remain here for a day and then make a run to Great Sale Cay to hide from the forecasted northerlys before making our way east. I added a few new pictures

Finally in the Bahamas

21 March 2018
Changed our plans… yet again. The boat was ready to cross to the Bahamas by mid-January. However mother nature had other ideas and there were no weather windows for east bound Gulf Stream crossings. We rented a mooring at Sunset Marina in Stuart Florida and were just enjoying the weather and all the benefits that Old Port Stuart has to offer and waited for an opportunity.
Then I went to Puerto Rico for 5 weeks to work on the Hurricane restoration effort. Initially I declined the offer. But we were able to secure a safe dock inside the Marina and I called back and accepted the still open position.
Fast forward five weeks I’m back in Florida, Mary Beth is still speaking to me and still no weather window for easy east bound crossings. We decided to just enjoy the rest of the winter in Florida and head North in early April. Then a beautiful 3 day window opened up for gulf stream crossings. I floated the idea out and MB said ok. So we topped off the supplies and left the next day.
The crossing from Lake Worth to the Berry islands took 24 hours. It was a complete motor boat ride but the stars were out and it was warm. There was enough freighter traffic in the Northwest Providence channel that we took Sapphire south to the edge of the Bahamas bank and stayed out of the traffic lanes.
We arrived at Great Harbor Berry Islands on 03/19 , We anchored out for a few hours to top off the water tanks and enjoy the blue blue water before heading into the marina to clear customs and immigration.
So here we are sitting out a minor blow, enjoying the beaches, people, and the weather.
All for now.
We took a few pictures at the beach which I'll I will try to put in the Gallery

At the mooring in Stuart

28 December 2017
Mack Sails and rigging came through as promised and was able to step our mast complete with all new standing rigging the Friday before Christmas. a few days later and we are fully rigged and sail ready. We are going to relax for a week or so and then catch the first weather window after Jan 8 to cross over to the Bahamas. No firm plans yet as to where in the Bahamas we are going to start.

Indiantown work yard garb

28 December 2017
The Hurricane backlogged the yard crew from getting to the boats in the storage yard due tot he soft ground. However we were able to keep working while still on the hard. Just a lot of extra ups and downs the ladder. We caught a lucky break by being on the boat at the end of a day. the crew had time for one more move and the people ahead of us on the list had already left for the day. That got us into the work yard so that we could refresh the anti-fouling paint and give the boat a wash . down. some folks we met last spring gave us some good advice to leave one water tank full. This gave us enough fresh water to clean up the inside of the boat while stranded in the storage yard .

Sapphire survived Irma

23 November 2017
Sapphire is still on the hard in Indiantown Fl. We expect to be there also by 12/04 to launch and provision for the winter cruise back to the Bahamas. Meantime the North Country has delivered the first significant snowfall of the year. Time to get off this berg!
Vessel Name: Sapphire
Vessel Make/Model: Tartan 3700
Hailing Port: Chaumont Bay NY
Crew: Joe and Mary Beth Rosenfeld and Flexy the Fox Terrier
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