Becoming Mrs Argos

What stared out as a family sailing adventure around Australia has changed somewhat! Now its mum and the kids (now aged 17 and almost 15) working it out for themselves while cruising the Queensland coast!

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Mrs Argos and her crew!

11 April 2015 | Southport
Sue Parry-Jones
I was working on something for my page Miles Away From Abuse earlier – something about change and how sometimes we welcome it and invite it in because we are ready and hopeful – and other times change comes as an unwelcome guest creating only discomfort and frustration.

Of course the change that came to us recently was something we were neither expecting nor ready for but I have to say how very proud I am of my crew and the way they have responded to our changed circumstances. Because the thing about change is that whether it is something we are ready for and welcome or not, it is still always up to us as to how we deal with it – how we respond to it.

And what has happened for us here is that we have responded to the challenge of change by lifting our game hugely and taking on more responsibility and doing a good job of it!

Today was an excellent example of what I mean.

I have been working on areas around portholes and hatches that had been leaking – they are repaired now with new rubber seals and I have been taking care of the wood surrounding them – sanding back, sealing edges and varnishing. I was feeling very happy with the work I had done. I came down to the rear cabin (our living space) to find Liam surrounded by coils and coils of cable! It belonged to the internet antennae which had been looped up outside when we installed it back in Airlie Beach last year as there was more than we needed. It looked ugly but also had been fed inside through the exhaust fan opening and then wound its way through the galley in a most unattractive way!

Liam has a to-do list these days and when not reading (which he does a lot of) is often pottering about with a drill or screwdriver in his hand fixing doors that jam, or other things! The transformation from oft-time-assistant-to-the-skipper when required to man-about-the-boat, responsible to make sure we have water, fuel in the generator and dinghy tank and a whole host of other boy-ish things is very well under way! So there he was, working away at a task from his to-do list, to re-route the cable and store the excess inside and out of the way.

I have always been proud of my kids but I get prouder all the time!
At the same time Erina was finishing off some brownies she had cooked for our electrician, Craig. We ran into him on our way to the grocery store, and he had mentioned that he had had a very quiet birthday - on his own on a neighbouring yacht – oh that’s a bit rough we said and then suggested that perhaps the cake-fairies might have to do something about that and invited him to drop in on his way home so we could give him some! But it’s not just her awesome cooking skills and her capacity to make sure our boating life is like living in a top restaurant that impresses me about her - she has also become the chief rigger, as she is the only one comfortable up the mast! We are still working on the mast light – which has proven to be a bit trickier than first thought as it can’t be installed where the ancient and unused one was – but she is determined to find a way to install it herself. When she isn’t up the mast taking awesome photos she is checking for chafing and fixing things herself.

We continue to appreciate the help and support of the local boating community. This week a big shout out goes to Carlos who came and showed Erina and Liam a lot of things about outboard motor maintenance and my brother in law David for also helping us work out why the motor was causing us issues – working out that the water inlet was clogged with barnacles and to Robin and Sue who came down from Brisbane over Easter who have shared coffee with us and supported and encouraged us no end!

Craig our electrician has become very well acquainted with the engine room and now feels that he has got to the bottom of every problem – we no longer hear him call out ‘Oh no, I just found something else!’ We still have to program some of the devices and install one more device that allows for the battery charger to automatically switch between batteries to receive the solar charge – but our power system is working so much better and we look forward to a time in the near future when we will be able to add more solar panels enabling us to rarely need to run the generator! This will involve an initial outlay in cost – when we can manage it - but a long term saving on fuel. Craig is also Jack’s latest favorite person - making it a challenge for Craig to work with Jack rolling over at his feet constantly waiting for him to rub his tummy!

The transformation of Argos that began when we went into the Boatworks and started working on her hull, continues daily in some big and some smaller ways.

But in addition to the transformation of Argos, there is definitely a corresponding transformation of us on board. At first it felt like the most massive challenge to stay on board and manage her on our own, but every day we increase our skills and it becomes more and more normal for us be pottering around in the engine room and fixing things and getting excited about trips to Whitworths or Bunnings!

We are becoming Mrs Argos and her crew!

Vessel Name: Argos
Vessel Make/Model: Gaff Rig Schooner designed by Jay Benford, built by Jack Stolp
Hailing Port: Albany WA
Crew: Sue Parry-Jones, Erina and Liam Jones and Capt'n Jack Sparrow!
After starting out from Albany WA in July 2011, we have faced some big seas, tricky situations and serious storms. We have learned to sail and learned to love the life of the cruising sailor. [...]
In the years since we started Erina and Liam have become fine sailors. Liam is a keen knot man and has created a plethora of decorative rope finishes on board, as well as being skillful at any knot-work required on deck. Erina is the the master of the galley and cooks up the most incredible meals [...]
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Becoming Mrs Argos

Who: Sue Parry-Jones, Erina and Liam Jones and Capt'n Jack Sparrow!
Port: Albany WA