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This is the blog of Philippa (Phil), Tom (Martin to many), our son Stan and a boat called Bellamanda.

18 March 2012 | Isle of Wight
09 February 2012 | Isle of Wight
19 September 2011 | Cowes
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21 July 2011
20 July 2011 | Skye

Scalpay to Skye

20 July 2011 | Skye
Image above shows Carley (hydrovane) helming "goose winged" and "by the lee". When we can set her up well she's much better at it than us.

Poor Tom barely slept a wink the night we were at anchor off Scalpay. With the wind gusting up to 30 knots the stern seemed to edge ever closer to the shallows and the pier in the darkness. We realised that despite being initially happy with our position that if the anchor had have dragged in the night we wouldn't have had time or room to do much about it. Hooray for our lovely big anchor and 80 meters of heavy chain.

On weighing anchor the next day we discovered a large piece of netting caught round the chain and in it several large crabs. Tom spent a 'happy' 10 minutes chasing them round the deck and off the side of the boat!

Net of crabs around the anchor chain
Net of crabs around the anchor chain

After our initial concerns about the weather the morning forecast made no mention of the 7's or 8's it had done the previous day so we decided to go for it. It would be a long day but with the wind and tide behind us we had a cracking sail across the Minch into Loch Harport. The "moderate or rough" sea conditions predicted by the forecast did not show. I could see Tom flagging late afternoon so sent him to bed for a nap with Stan. For approximately 20 minutes I wasn't mummy or wife I was just a sailor alone on the deck of our boat flying at 8 knots through the water as we rounded Niest point - fabulous.

Mum was over at their neighbour's house - Pat & Jeremy - waving a sheet at us and jumping around like a looney to welcome us back to Skye as we came into the bay. We were all shattered after such a long day so decided to stay onboard and wait for the morning to go ashore with the weeks washing!
Vessel Name: Bellamanda
Vessel Make/Model: Rival Bowman 40
Hailing Port: Cowes, UK
Crew: Tom, Phil and Stan
About: ..... and in 2013, introducing Ted!
Extra: Bellamanda is a Rival Bowman 40 yacht built in 1989. We bought her from her original owners, Alan and Jenny, in the Summer of 2009 and moved onto her after a couple of months. We lived on board for two years.
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