aboard Bellavia

02 September 2023
16 December 2022
16 September 2022 | ECYH
21 July 2022 | Point Richmond, Ca
29 October 2021 | SFBay
29 October 2021 | SFB
05 November 2020
04 October 2019
30 August 2019
22 March 2019
06 October 2018 | SF Bay
20 February 2018
24 December 2017
29 September 2017

keep sailing on such a lovely day ...

07 October 2023
Eva a. Milton Tanner
made sense to sail another day .... wonderful conditions !!

B.O.O.B. sail on Fleet week SFBay

06 October 2023
Eva a. Milton Tanner
another annual sail for us in rather mild and hot weather conditions. Always fun !

soloing to Half Moon Bay

02 September 2023
Eva Tanner | not the best but managgable !
Annual POA sail to HMB
missing my sailing partner of so many years!

Almost turned back as winds were 25 plus on the nose, last of ebb under GG bridge and only making 4 kts. rain and fair visibility .... anchor down in HMB after 5.5 hour motor sailing.

Milton, my lLghthouse ....

16 December 2022
Eva a. Milton Tanner
things will never ever be the same .... but as we always said:
" I love you until there are no more waves in the ocean!"

sail on my love!

33 yrs of sailing together

16 September 2022 | ECYH
Eva a. Milton Tanner | windy!!!!
... a few age related ailments does not stop these girls! Rather windy forecast conditions and always in celebratory mood when secured on the dock!

KKMI work

21 July 2022 | Point Richmond, Ca
Eva Tanner | sunny and windy
Very good experience at KKMI. (Boat Yard).
First time there .....
Bottom work including new shaft, stuffing box and all the trimmings!
Vessel Name: Bellavia
Vessel Make/Model: Passport 40
Hailing Port: Emery Cove Yacht Harbor, Ca
Crew: Eva and Milton
About: We have been involved with sailing since 1983; have sailed Central and South America, experienced the transit of the Panama Canal and are still filled with "Wanderlust". Living aboard Bellavia since 1995 - and loving it! Our favorite "local" hangout? The cockpit!
Bellavia is outfitted for us to be self-sufficient, comfortably cruising / sailing in various climates and conditions. Eva has her Captains license and enjoys delivering vessels up and down the pacific coast, to Hawaii as well as crossing the Atlantic from Cape Town, South Africa to Florida and on [...]

living the life we choose

Who: Eva and Milton
Port: Emery Cove Yacht Harbor, Ca