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01 July 2013
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We Sure Sheared It.

01 July 2013
The verdict is it. We now know why we couldn't get out of our own way, or the slip. We sheared the prop key. I have no clue how we did that but it was sheared clean in half. Might be the bushing on the prop collapsed and allowed some play.

Back in the water, and moving under her own power..

Full Moon Sailing

22 June 2013
Our niece Jennifer was in town along with her beau and friend. Since it was also a full moon weekend we thought it might be a good idea to take them sailing as none of our guests had ever done so.

The breeze picked up a bit at sunset and it looked like it would be a nice sail, so we tossed off the dock lines put the boat in forward and were blown back deeper into the slip. It seems we have lost propulsion. Not sure yet what the problem is, but I know the shaft is turning when in gear. I don't know what could have caused us to loose a prop but that really is the only thing that makes sense.

Once we got done with the fire drill and got the boat tied back up we had a nice dinner that Kathleen brought for us (even the vegetarian found something to eat).

Water Pump Goodness

09 June 2013
The PuraSan is installed but not commissioned yet. When I fired up the water system, or tried to, the water pump failed.

I got in contact with Jabsco and after a conversation they replaced it under warranty. A three year warranty on the VSD pumps is a great feature. They told me it would ship on June 7 but I actually received it on June 6th! Not only did they send the new pump but they sent an entire retail box which includes a new strainer as well.

This is installed now and the tank is full but I can't commission the PuraSan until I get an extra set of eyes to watch so I can get the timings down. We are getting closer to it.

New PuraSan

18 April 2013
Today the new PuraSan arrived from Defender. We currently have a LectraSan but is making odd noises and doesn't work quite right. It also leaks from around one of the motors.

We decided to replace instead of repair in part because of having to make saltwater to run the thing.

I did not realize how large some of the components of the PuraSan were going to be. Yowza.

Where Are We Now?

14 March 2013
We are still on the hard, but the weather seems to be breaking and it will be time to start spring maintenance.

On The Hard

15 November 2012
Bellesa is laid up for the season on the hard. The longest 5 months of the year occur between November and April.
Vessel Name: Bellesa
Vessel Make/Model: Bristol 35
Hailing Port: Baltimore MD
Crew: Frank, Kathleen, Jezebel
About: Frank - Keeps Bellesa in ship-shape. Kathleen - Keeps the crew fed. Jezebel - Keeps Bellesa mouse-free.
Extra: Cruising along the Chesapeake Bay.
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