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Sailing this weekend

24 February 2019
Adrian Lawrence
This year seems to have flown by, I had to spend sometime in the UK in January due to family issues, but that is resolved now and I am back in Bermy. This weekend was the first time this year I actually had time to sail.

Spent most of Saturday cleaning up the Catamaran, organising things including paying bills!

I remember a friend in the UK ringing me last year and asking if I wanted to by a boat, telling him did you know? Only to discover the boat in question was berthed up in Paphos Cyprus, so only half way around the world from here.

The price was very attractive however making sense to have it shipped as even after paying the import tax I am still $30,000 better off than I would have been had I purchased locally or even from the USA.

As I have mentioned on other blog posts here, the sheer cost of living here means you have always to be working, many of my friends have two or more jobs just to keep up their lifestyle and that is before the Government here has put up the taxes which they unfortunately have started to also.

Moving to Bermuda for the first time

06 February 2019
I do get asked question this a fair and I've written a blog post about it as I get asked it that often!

The main things that a newbie to the island gets struck by:-

* The very high cost of everything
* That fact that you can't hire a car and only one car per household is allowed
* We are a bit stuck behind the times when it comes to technology - chip and pin is unheard of for example.
* Water comes from roof collection so you need to be careful not to run out.


Read my blog post on moving to Bermuda for the first time here.

Maldives - planning a March break

06 February 2019
Looking at a week in Maldives around first week of March, doesn't seem that there are very many sailing opportunites, but I can probably arrange a small cat or topper/mirror type of sail boats.

The islands look really stunning

Seems a very romantic place to visit.

Seems alcohol is banned for locals and you can't bring in your own, but you can purchase drinks in the resort.

The average height above water is around 1.5m to 2m so its the lowest country in the world!

Crazy weekend to Vegas

03 February 2019
Just arrived back In Bermy after the craziest weekend I can ever remember, I met two friends from the UK at New Yorks JFK Airport and we all took a flight together!

Somehow we hardly slept at all, dancing meeting people, gambling, drinking (not too much of that for me fortunately).

The places is really fun, so many clubs and places to hang out and the hotels are just out of this world.

Las Vegas looks small but the main strip is 4 miles long so walking from one end to the other takes longer than you would think or expect, we ended up taking a taxi!

Some more info on Vegas is here, my colleague wrote that before we travelled based on his previous experiences

He is going to re-write to take into account out adventures!

Bonaire and Aruba

31 January 2019
I am looking at a trip to Bonaire, Aruba and maybe Curacao, not been to any of these islands and other than the blue drink with the same name I don't know tiddly squat about them.

Watched the following video though.

which kind of caught my eye and triggered my imagination somewhat.

I like the challange of sailing down their and then exploring the islands, but time is not on my side so I may have to fly down and hire a boat which sort of defeats the benefits of having a cat of your own.

Read the following vacation guide to Bonaire and it seems it may be worth it though

Oriana, First Cruise Ship of 2019 Arrives, Jan 13 2019

20 January 2019
The tourist season never really ends in Bermy but the first cruise ship of the year the Oriana arrived last Saturday Jan 13.

Cruise ship Oriana

2019. January 8. The number of cruise ship visitors rocketed by more than 168 per cent last November compared with the same period in 2017, the Bermuda Tourism Authority said yesterday.

The number of tourists who arrived by air rose by just 2.7 per cent over the same time frame. Kevin Dallas, the BTA chief executive, said: "As outlined in the National Tourism Plan, our strategy is to focus on better balance in Bermuda's cruise business with more calls outside the summer months. The effectiveness of that strategy has shown up in the November 2018 visitor arrival statistics."

Mr Dallas added: "As our extended season strategy takes hold, we hope tourism experience providers are ready to provide the same level of service to cruise passengers in November as they do during the summer." A total of 18,620 visitors travelled to the island by cruise ship and 11,836 tourists flew to the island last November.

2018. December 28. Bermuda is expected to receive an extra 68,000 cruise ship visitors next year, according to the Government. Next year's cruise ship schedule includes 192 calls to Bermuda, which is estimated to bring 544,000 passengers, a rise of 14 per cent on the 2018 figure. Zane DeSilva, Minister of Tourism and Transport, said the increase in passengers is expect to generate $7.9 million in tax revenue and increase visitor spending.

He said: "We have another growth year for cruise ship calls to Bermuda and we look forward to welcoming approximately 544,000 cruise ship passengers in 2019. Be assured, though, that our Government is very mindful of the big picture: the increase in cruise passengers, year over year, the need to balance air and cruise arrivals, and the challenge of providing the necessary infrastructure to serve all of our visitors." The minister added: "My ministry is working diligently to attract more business for Hamilton and St George's." Kevin Dallas, Bermuda Tourism Authority CEO, said the body is still working to increase the number of ships in the cooler months.

Mr Dallas said: "The long lead time of the cruise ship industry means the Bermuda Tourism Authority has accounted for next year's cruise passenger's growth in the National Tourism Plan. Our focus between now and 2025 is better balance in Bermuda's cruise business with more calls outside the summer months, increases in what cruise passengers spend on-island and, perhaps most importantly, growing the number of vacationers who arrive by air." Next year's cruise ship schedule includes five inaugural visits to the island, including calls from NCL Pearl, NCL Jade, Celebrity Edge, Spirit of Discovery and the Adventure of the Seas.

Seems that in this aspect at least the local economy is set to perform well this year.

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