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26 October 2021
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26 October 2021
Adrian Lawrence
I am travelling to London for a week, to visit family, it will be the first time since the lockdowns eased in the UK.

I am meeting my friend Adrian who runs his own recruitment business - FD Capital they specialise in senior finance recruitment in London and the South East of the UK.

FD Capital Recruitment offers a full range of senior Finance Recruitment solutions, please speak with our team and we will find the perfect Finance Director or CFO for your business. Formed in 2018 FD Capital Recruitment was founded with the objective of becoming a leading provider of Finance Directors and CFO’s.

They operate across the London and across the whole of the UK. Our team is made up of finance professional and experienced recruiters who between them have an extensive network of FD’s and CEO with a strong database of companies we have connections within. We work closely with the leading Private Equity and Venture Capital houses so are very well connected for fund raising opportunities.

Their FD’s and CFO’s are based all around the UK with a particularly strong coverage in London and the South East. You can see our coverage on the footer of this page.

I will be sailing again when back as I have a week more holidays left.

The weather has been balmy as always, so in someways it will be nice to be back in rainy London!

Dreaming again of Bermuda

01 January 2020
Adrian Lawrence
With the swells behind us and the calm St George's Harbour surrounding us in comfort, I was reminded as to the benefits of living on the hook.

Every morning I wake to a beautiful rising sun, the scent of Jasmine and Frangipani the air, soft waves lapping along the hull and a backdrop full of soft blues, oranges, and yellows. A calmness pervades the boat and it remains all day!

Sailing Around BermudaI can see normal life in motion from the boat. The pink and blue number 11 bus heads down the road. Tourists circle the Town Square. Locals drive to their place of employment. The town's men line up near the coffee shop to talk politics. But there's a strong sense that I'm removed from that world. It's a sense that I didn't get when living in the marina.

The small amount of water between an anchored boat and the land provides enough space to see the reality I choose not to be wholly a part of. And when I do go to land I know it's only temporary. Instead of being pulled back into the mainstream depressing media, commercialism, multi-tasking, fast-food, fast-everything, an incessant feeling of over-working and underachieving, I instead feel peaceful, do what I came to do and then head back to my island of calm.

I think I was born to live on a boat. It's truly the only place I feel balanced.

With that being noted, my family and I have spent these first couple weeks doing a variety of 'normal' tasks like cooking, cleaning, searching out leaks and finding solutions to remedy them. We've polished the chrome deck fittings, had some repairs done to our mainsail and replaced quite a bit of teak deck calking.

Our daughter, does her homeswork right after breakfast. She does a bit of reading, mathematics, writing, language arts, spelling and special projects. We often save science for later in the day where we learn about the weather and log the vitals - temperature, cloud coverage, cloud type, and rainfall. Or we perform some sort of chemical experiment and record our findings - combine vinegar and baking soda is always a winner.

Check out this video to give you an idea of what a 4 day sail from the USA to Bermy is typically like


01 January 2020
Adrian Lawrence
Linkedin has grown and grown in the years since 2006 when I first started using the internet in a serious way for business. What is great about this site is that you can follow easily anyone who follows you, and once you have a network you can follow the people who are members of your followers network, sorry if that sounds a bit convaluted, but it means that once you have a network you can easily expand it.

I've been using Linkedin for years you can find my personal profile on Linkedin easily.

There are many cool features about this site now, you can post articles and I have a few live such as this one Company Information for free, it needs a bit of work to expand it further, but it is a way of publishing content in a very well respected and high profile place.

If you have a company then you can easily create a profile about that for example my Business my liinkedin Profile for Compelling Media.

All of these are a great way to market yourself, push your ideas out to your network of followers and get a bit of attention to your business.

Fireworks in London

01 January 2020
Adrian Lawrence
This year I was in London for New Year. I didn't get tickets for the banks of the Thames but did watch on TV, the atmosphere on the South Bank is apparently wonderful though.

It certainly looked perfect on TV.

The scale of the celebration is huge 100,000 people on the bank watching compared to the entire population of Bermuda at 65,000. Just gives you some idea!

Whilst it is never great to be away from my home in Bermy, I did really enjoy being with my family over Xmas and having everyone together with a proper family New Year Celebration.

I had a bit of spare time whilst in London so did work a little on my blogger . Mostly I just spent the time with family and friends.

Can't believe its nearly New Year

30 December 2019
Adrian Lawrence
Wow another year has gone by, I've been so very busy this last few months and not had time to keep my blog here up to date.

Family issues mean I have had to spend several months again back in the UK which has really spoilt my sailing. My UK family live in the Shropshire area so which is towards the centre of the UK so very few sailing places worthwhile to visit.

Anyway I have made the most of my time here, buying stuff which is far cheaper than in Bermuda and shippping it all back to the UK.

I had an issue with a virus on my notebook so joined Norton Community which saved me!

Anyway looking forward to things getting back to normal at some point in 2020

Been oh so busy

04 October 2019
Adrian Lawrence
This summer has been crazy busy for me, I've made many trips back to the UK to sort our a family issue, which is now finalised. It really has limited my sailing time and the opportunity of even enjoying the summer here.

The UK is nothing like Bermuda in the weather stakes that is for sure.

Anyway I am back to sailing again for the first time in six months this weekend, I'll take pics and share very soon.

Keep in touch all my friends.

PS see my blogger blog
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