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Abandoned boats in Bermuda

20 January 2019

Watched this video this morning which dates back from last year, I have noticed abandoned boats and was searching on the internet to see what happens with them, some in this video are in very poor condition clearly, but not all of them, guess there are no end of sorry stories behind each one.

I do wonder if any of them get recovered and restored?

Basically last year the Government ran a clean up campaign, removing sucken boats from Bermudian waters, and if you "owned up" to one being yours, they did it for free, but if you didn't and they subsequently traced it to you then you potentially got the bill.

I also wonder how many bills actually got raised in the end, I might put in a freedom of information request to find that out, I am guessing probably none, as people have died, left the island and just abandoned their boats and other similar events.
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