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Sailing this weekend

24 February 2019
Adrian Lawrence
This year seems to have flown by, I had to spend sometime in the UK in January due to family issues, but that is resolved now and I am back in Bermy. This weekend was the first time this year I actually had time to sail.

Spent most of Saturday cleaning up the Catamaran, organising things including paying bills!

I remember a friend in the UK ringing me last year and asking if I wanted to by a boat, telling him did you know? Only to discover the boat in question was berthed up in Paphos Cyprus, so only half way around the world from here.

The price was very attractive however making sense to have it shipped as even after paying the import tax I am still $30,000 better off than I would have been had I purchased locally or even from the USA.

As I have mentioned on other blog posts here, the sheer cost of living here means you have always to be working, many of my friends have two or more jobs just to keep up their lifestyle and that is before the Government here has put up the taxes which they unfortunately have started to also.
Vessel Name: Lady Chislaine
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