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How to sail small dingies

11 May 2019
Adrian Lawrence
Another controbution to the Learn sailing blog

The craft you would be sailing are generally between 3.0m to 5.0m in length which can be sailed single handed or two plus crew, some types of sailing dinghy that spring to mind are for the single hander; Contender, Comet, Laser, Laser Funboat, Laser Pico, and Topper.

For the slightly larger dinghies for two or more crew you would have more of a chose from the following; Albacore, Bosun, Comet Duo, Flying Fifteen, Gull, Hornet, Laser 2000, Mirror, and RS400.

These craft are manufactured from, Wood, GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic), inflatable's and Ribs, they normally come with a two or four wheel trailer dependent on the boats size. The trailer is used to launch the dinghy from; sailing clubs will have a launching jetty designed for this purpose.

When starting out on the water you will need to go out with someone who can teach you the basic's on sailing and how sailing dinghy actually works, plus learning the terminology that goes with that. Once you have done that and taken your turn at sailing the dinghy under tuition, it is now time for you to go out on your own.

When you first do this it is the most exhilarating and exciting part of learning this great sport and not forgetting that you are actually on the move and it is free, there's no cost for the prime mover, wind! It's a question I always raise when talking to motor boat owners when I take them out sailing on my sailing boat!

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