Beth and Evans

19 September 2013 | Mills creek
06 August 2013 | smith cove
04 August 2013 | cradle cove
31 July 2013 | Broad cove, Islesboro Island
24 July 2013 | Maple Juice Cove
06 June 2013 | Maple Juice Cove, Maine
02 June 2013 | Onset, cape cod canal
20 May 2013 | Marion
18 May 2013 | Marion
16 May 2013 | Mattapoisett
10 May 2013 | Block ISland
02 May 2013 | Delaware Harbour of Refuge
16 April 2013 | Sassafras River
01 April 2013 | Cypress creek
06 March 2013 | Galesville, MD
20 August 2012 | South River, MD
09 August 2012 | Block Island
06 August 2012 | Shelburne, Nova Scotia
20 July 2012 | Louisburg
18 July 2012 | Lousiburg, Nova Scota

All jobs done

31 May 2012 | St. Peter's inlet
We have completed all our little jobs to get the Hawk back to 100%. Hawk did very well on her first passage of the season, with nothing broken.

The only significant thing was that we must have had some slime growing on the top of the starboard water tank over the winter. The water coming out of the taps was clean, but the water filters before the tap were clogging up with organic looking stuff. So, we dumped the water out of both tanks, cleaned them, went on the dock for a couple hours and flushed them and then refilled them. The filters now look good as I pump water thru them. Otherwise we just had the routine first passage maintenance and jobs - change the filters on the engine, check the hydraulic level on the autopilot, and laundry.

We will probably sit at anchor here for another week or so. It's still a spring weather pattern here in Nova Scotia with a lot of easterly winds. And I have good Skype here, which is useful as I have a few tasks to complete related to being on the investigative panel for the Ensenada race incident.
Vessel Name: Hawk
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