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29 August 2016 | Puerto Vallarta
22 February 2016 | Mazatlan
09 September 2015 | La Paz
06 August 2015 | Sea of Cortez
13 March 2015 | Isla Espiritu Santos
06 March 2015 | Todo Santos
22 February 2015 | La Paz
12 November 2014 | La Paz
07 November 2014 | Cabo San Lucas
04 November 2014 | Bahia Santa Maria
30 October 2014 | Baja Cal Sur, Mexico
27 October 2014 | San diego
01 October 2014 | San Diego
26 September 2014 | San Francisco
10 September 2014 | Neah Bay
16 August 2014 | Neah Bay
16 March 2014 | Seattle
11 December 2013 | Seattle

Cabo Wabo

07 November 2014 | Cabo San Lucas
WOW what a town! A bit spendy for my taste but picture ~500 scaly wags taking over the local cruisers hang out called Squid Roe and getting loud with music and dance while filling our gullets with all kinds of concoctions. We did the Cha cha and the swim and the Marena until we couldn't stand any more. Now this establishment is three story and it was absolutely packed! the awards ceremony for different things like who was the best fisherman, who spent the most time on the VHF, Who sailed the most, all for different divisions with different kinds of boats. WE WON! Yep we won first place for our division! At this beach there was the beach party on Saturday with all kinds of chicanery and lasciviousness going on as we again took over the local establishment. Best damn beach party we had ever attended and we had sooo much fun. Then the was the infamous kissing contest to simulate a scene from the movie From Here to Eternity. Sharon and I went at it with great passion to recreate the scene but when it was time to leave the water we could hardly get up for the surf and booze. Monday bright and early we were off again on our way to La Paz. We made a stop at Los Frailies to get some rest but the anchorage was too rolly polly and we didn't get much sleep so early once again we were off to the next anchorage Bay of Dreams. Along the way I hooked the largest Dorado I have ever seen! This brut of a male came clean out of the water and the fight was ON! I had him on a medium weight rod and boy did he fight. But alas I rushed it and got him to the boat where as we tried to gig him with the gaff he spit the hook! Oh but he was gorgeous with all his stately colors and I will never forget him.
At the bay of Dreams there was complete calm on the water and the anchorage was something to where behold. We dinghyed to the beach where there was a restaurant with an amazing view of the anchorage and some really good food. When we finished our meal as we watched the sunset over the bay we relaxed before returning to our sea horse for what was to be a good night's rest.
Vessel Name: Between da Sheets
Vessel Make/Model: Beneteau 42s7
Hailing Port: Seattle WA
Crew: Sharon Seeber
Rick and Sharon met in 1966, married two years later and have been in love ever since. Much later they moved to Seattle WA in 1998. Rick has always been interested in boating & fishing with the first boat a Sixteen foot Livingston and two subsequent boats a 20' cuddy cabin and a Bayliner 30'. [...]
Extra: This is the story of our love, tears, sweat, frustrations and bruises on the path to this adventure as we become "sociological drop outs". We invite you to join us along the way and share in the adventure. We welcome your comments.
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Another cooking session at Olivias' house to prepare Emenadas.
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Day trip to Todo Santos 5/6/15
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Day on the water front with Sharon
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