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Some Like it HOT

06 August 2015 | Sea of Cortez
When you Hot your Hot and when you're Not your Not.
With the temps peaking out at 90* and above in many places around the globe I guess I don't have much to complain about. The conditioning of living in the Pacific NW however did nothing to prepare me for tropical environments. They say locally "it really doesn't get hot until mid August to September.
SO here we are in the throes of a full on summer with blue skies and a Big orange ball in the sky that radiates HEAT. I am aware that the whole planet is in a cooker this summer but some places like where I'm at are SMOKIN! In an attempt to add some sense of depth and definition I will present some observations.
You know it's hot when the water from the water hose is too hot for your hand washing or some other cleanliness duties. Crap you don't even need to turn on the water heater.
When you leave your sandals outside in the shade by mistake and they are too Hot to put on when you return five minutes later.
Don't even think about touching anything metal such as that shiny hand rail like the grab handles outside or that big one in front of the binnacle.
Oh and when you get those sandals cooled of be sure to wear them once outside as any surface exposed to the elements or direct sunlight will exfoliate the soles of your feet with a Smokey aroma.
You know it is hot when your body conditioning causes it to gravitate to any small amount of shade.
It's hot when any amount of physical exertion especially mid day as temps rise causes you to sweat profusely.
You know it's hot when after a quick shower you are as wet as when you closed the shower door.
You know it's hot when being out in a rain squall your dry before you can get inside again to be dripping wet with sweat.
You know it's hot when your sunglasses are getting a wash job from the perspiration running off your fevered brow.
It is Hot out when the necessity to carry a small terry cloth or facsimile to wipe yourself with is compulsory.
You know it's hot when those ice chunks in the glass with the cute umbrellas disappear before your eyes in under ten minutes.
It is hot out when the clothes you just hung out to dry are done before you can return to that glass with the umbrella in it.
Upon returning from a walk you have to take your shirt off and wring out the sweat before it dries in the next ten minutes.
It's hot when your butt sticks to the surface it is perched on no matter the composition and your underpants stick to your ass wet as a diaper.
IT is Hot when you can't remain on the proverbial throne for more than a few minutes as opposed to the usual time to do the biz as before your done you and the TP your holding are wet.
It is Hot out when you plan your daily activates around the early morning hours or after the sun goes down such as going into town for teeny umbrellas or supplies.
You know it is Hot when the local doctor you hooked up with schedules an appointment at 7PM that evening.
You know it is Hot when the indigenous people have all but disappeared by mid day.
You know it is Hot when the water temps are only ten to fifteen degrees cooler than the air temps.
You know it is Hot when the local Home depot and department stores run out of window AC units.
So here I sit in the dark with my laptop and the AC with a funny little drink with a teeny little umbrella, no shirt just shorts waiting for the sun to go down so I can work on the boat.
Think I'll take a Siesta.
Vessel Name: Between da Sheets
Vessel Make/Model: Beneteau 42s7
Hailing Port: Seattle WA
Crew: Sharon Seeber
Rick and Sharon met in 1966, married two years later and have been in love ever since. Much later they moved to Seattle WA in 1998. Rick has always been interested in boating & fishing with the first boat a Sixteen foot Livingston and two subsequent boats a 20' cuddy cabin and a Bayliner 30'. [...]
Extra: This is the story of our love, tears, sweat, frustrations and bruises on the path to this adventure as we become "sociological drop outs". We invite you to join us along the way and share in the adventure. We welcome your comments.
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