free as a bird

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19 April 2014 | Warderick Wells Exumas
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free as a bird

04 February 2008 | Little Farmer's Cay
Frank and Gail
We moved on from Warderick Wells (Exuma Land and Sea Park) to Little Farmer's Cay for the festival. We reserved dock space at the Farmer's Cay Yacht Club. There was a small dock and a little red building. When we were trying to spot the "marina," there were no boats, just older looking docks. There was only one spot, that fit our boat. It certainly wasn't resortish, as the name might indicate, but it was so charming. We loved it.

Our wind generator was acting up a bit, so we took dock space to work on it. We were there a couple of days before the festival, nice quiet, dinner to order, etc. However, Friday morning (the first day of the festival), we woke up to blaring Bahamian music. We looked outside and there is a huge boat (freighter-like) with people standing outside, some dancing, heading for the end of the dock next to us. It has traveled all night from Nassau, bringing folks to the festival. It also had about 4-5 boats on board for the regatta. Others flew in (there was a small airstrip with a lot of planes coming and going). Others came from closer islands, pulling their regatta boats.

Instead of fixing breakfast, we dressed and left the boat early to eat breakfast at the festival. Time for local food!! We hit both restaurants on the island. Both's menu was fish stew, sheep's tongue, mutton sauce, boiled grouper cheeks. Where's the eggs? We had a fish stew and mutton sauce with homemade Bahamiam bread. The flavor was really delicious, but my fish was boney, so I ate the sauce, potatoes and Frank ate the fish.

We walked the roads because there is a lot of folks participating in the festival with other food, crafts, etc. We worked our way to the other side of the island, parked ourselves on the beach and waited for the regatta to start. One skipper was looking for crewmembers and Frank got to sail. They called these boats C class (I think). The hull was 16 feet and the mast was 38. They slide a board outside the boat and about 4 people hike way out. It looks like quite a feat based on the amount of sail. No one went over, surprisingly.

The second day, the skipper came to our boat and asked Frank to help him get the boat ready. Since we had our taste of a local breakfast the day before, I fixed pancakes the second day. The skipper joined us. His name was magic from Black point. The boat's name was "More Fire." Frank said his skipper was a little timid when racing around other boats. They got better each race, until they broke their boom in the last race, but Frank had a really good time. He got knocked up a bit. His back is scratched, both legs had more than one bleeding scratch or cut. I told him that it's tough being a crewmember. Ha! Ha!

We stayed for the super bowl. We could take it or leave it but several boats were watching, so we did too. Glad we did, it was a really good game. Had to pull for Eli, there are just too many Mannings in our area. I didn't think the commercials overall were up to par. But it was a good evening.

We are waiting for a weather window to go to Georgetown, likely today or tomorrow. This wasn't the most beautiful island for snorkeling and the like, but it is really special and memorable.

Hope all is good!! We are having a ball!!