Black Butterfly

15 August 2016 | Cape Canaveral
20 April 2016 | Bimini
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06 April 2016
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Good Bye Bahamas!

20 April 2016 | Bimini
Glenda and Jay
Well as we sail off in the sunset to the USA...... well ok we will sail away at sunrise but the island of Bimini will be in the way of that so here is the sunset as we arrived to Bimini.

We have had a long couple of days. With the wind staying NE we headed toward Rose Island near Nassau but we were having such a good run we kept going across to the Berry Islands, 80 NM, anchoring at 730pm just east of Frazer's Hog Cay in the only small piece of sand we could find at that time of the night. What we didn't realise was that the anchor chain wrapped it self around a large piece of coral rock and there it got stuck, so next morning at 8am had me swimming to try and free the chain and anchor. I got it to a point that I just told jay to Gun the engine and we pulled both the anchor and chain free. We lost an hour, didn't wreck any coral and headed off for the next 90 NM travel across the Grand Bahama bank toward Bimini. We had a great run whilst the wind was above 15 knots and thought we would make it by 6pm but the wind died down and we traveled at a slower 6-7 knots arriving at 830pm.

Another sunset view as we arrived to Bimini

We had to "waste" a day to check out we thought, although we were both looking forward to some R&R that didn't involve sailing. We moved the boat closer to the opening of the channel and took the dinghy in to customs, which wasn't were all the charts and books say, to be told we don't need to check out just go, and send the form back in the post. Oh well we enjoyed our walks and swims here and they have the best shells I have seen anywhere.

I caught another Mackerel family fish which we both enjoyed at our 930pm dinner and am looking forward to catching something big as we cross the gulf stream towards the US.
Vessel Name: Black Butterfly
Vessel Make/Model: X-yacht, Xp44
Hailing Port: Adelaide, South Australia
Crew: Jay Brown, Glenda Neild
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