Blue Dolphin Sailing Away

11 April 2012 | Pascagoula

Setting up S/V Blue Dolphin's 1st Blog

11 April 2012 | Pascagoula
Well we just joined our new family "Sailing Blog". Blue Dolphin, her Captain and First Mate are beginning to publish our trials and error in preparing her for cruizin to include blue water sailing. How magical is this!!! We have a long way to go.. but we are so excited just thinking about the people and S/V we will meet, places we will rest our beautiful lady as the sun goes down. How Magical !!!!
This is how we S/V owners continue living our lives, not putting it on hold, as the non- S/V owners phrase it. Don't let go of my helm, but only for a moment to adjust my wings, take me on a flight hovering on top of the water as we glide into the magical wonders of mother nature and what God has granted us to enjoy each and every day. How Magical is this!!!!!!
Vessel Name: Blue Dolphin 40.5
Vessel Make/Model: Hunter Legend 40
Hailing Port: Pascagoula, MS
Crew: Steve and Cheryl McCollum
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Blue Dolphin 40.5's Photos -

Who: Steve and Cheryl McCollum
Port: Pascagoula, MS