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August check in

01 August 2011 | Naples Florida
Russell & Lynne
Well we are certainly having a hot summer here in Florida. Wish we were in Maine enjoying the cool coastal weather. When it gets this hot we even give up on the day sailing. Much less overnight trips.

Still lots of summer charters around however it is really hard to take people out for more that two or three hours at a time. This time of year it's either no wind or squall and lightning time. The biggest problem the last couple weeks is that our area has had an awful algea bloom going on. And that makes the water disgusting to swim in it. Even the fish are sick of it as they are floating dead on top and washing up on the beaches. Can't get too excited about sailing and being on the water around here this month. We think it's going away and hope that someday we will get our green water back.

Work progress on the boat and house is slow but steady, we hope to redo a number of chain plates this month. We have to be careful as we don't want the chainplates disconnected and at a welding shop if and when we get hit with nasty tropical storms or hurricanes.
Vessel Name: Blue Highway
Vessel Make/Model: Peterson 44
Hailing Port: Marathon Florida
Crew: Russell & Lynne
About: We have had Blue Highway for over 22 years! She has taken us as far north as Scotland east to Turkey and south to Panama. She has become part of our family. Still hope to get her to Alaska someday.

Who: Russell & Lynne
Port: Marathon Florida