Blue Highway

10 March 2020
11 April 2016
17 December 2012 | Naples Fl
23 March 2012 | Naples Fl
09 November 2011 | St Petersburg
01 August 2011 | Naples Florida
30 June 2011 | Naples Florida
13 June 2011 | Nosara Costa Rica
12 June 2011 | Nosara
29 May 2011 | Naples

Pulling mast and boat

09 November 2011 | St Petersburg
We are up in Salt Creek and have pulled the mast and boat. After 31 years it seemed like a good idea to really inspect the spar up close and personal. We also hauled BH (4 year interval) and are DIY bottom job at Salt Creek Marina. We are half way through and all is great. We derigged the spar and had JSI pick it up for welding, cutting some of the heel off and inspect, re paint and new mast step. So far so good. Look forward to getting it all back together in a week or so. Living on the hard does suck especially the grey water bucket brigade when doing the dishes.
Vessel Name: Blue Highway
Vessel Make/Model: Peterson 44
Hailing Port: Marathon Florida
Crew: Russell & Lynne
About: We have had Blue Highway for over 22 years! She has taken us as far north as Scotland east to Turkey and south to Panama. She has become part of our family. Still hope to get her to Alaska someday.

Who: Russell & Lynne
Port: Marathon Florida