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15 March 2015 | Toronto, Ontario
17 January 2015 | Toronto, Ontario
16 January 2015 | Toronto, Ontario

Introducing Jigger

15 March 2015 | Toronto, Ontario
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Well its only been a few months since I started this blog and regretfully I'm already falling behind on keeping it up to date. I think this is mainly because I'm not able to share it with anyone yet because no one knows Steve and I are leaving and retiring. The date and time has been selected and when I know its safe I will share it on this blog. Until then I thought I'd take a few minutes to introduce our newest crew member "Jigger". Yes, he's adorable and fitting in quite well so far. We got him online from an ad on Kijiji :) His parents were purebred and he is a Siberian/Persian cross ... very affectionate and very very adventurous. He joined us back on Dec. 1st when he was about 6-8 weeks old. His best buddy is Skipper the adorable cat next door. She's quite a few years older than him but has taken on the responsibility to teach Jigger everything she knows about being a livaboard cat.

So where did we get the name Jigger... well some think its that measuring tool you use for drinks but the truth is its a sailing term. Since we live on a CSY44 and she's a ketch the name seemed perfect. When sailing a ketch rig in very heavy wind, its best to drop the main totally instead of reefing it and then use the Jib and the Mizzen to sail the boat. Both sails have considerably less sail area but in extreme weather conditions it allows you to point better and control your direction. This is referred to as sailing "Jib and Jigger" ... and no we don't plan on getting another cat and calling him Jib any time soon.
Vessel Name: MurDina
Vessel Make/Model: CSY44
Hailing Port: RNSYS
Crew: Steve and Tina
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Who: Steve and Tina