Blue Sky

19 November 2010 | Panama
21 July 2010 | Curacao
02 February 2010 | Hout Bay / Cape Town
30 October 2009 | Richards Bay, South Africa
14 January 2009 | Thailand - Malaysia
28 August 2008 | Langkawi, Malaysia
05 May 2008 | Rebak Marina & Resort
16 November 2007 | Sebana Cove Marina, Melaysia
30 October 2007 | Malaysia

South Africa

02 February 2010 | Hout Bay / Cape Town
Jim Mather
The picture is of Drake after he broke his arm in a fall at the boat yard. We have been is Hout Bay since January 4th. Here we hauled Blue Sky out of the water for her 8th time. We removed the anti-foul that I applied in Malaysia. It was the International Interswift 655 and it really held up well. We could not get the 655 here so we went up to the Intersmooth 306 with the appropriate primer put on first. We repaired the slight damage to the keel we sustained in the Maldives when I drove Blue Sky on to a mound of coral rubble. When I looked at the damage underwater with a scuba mask the scrapes looked a whole lot worse than they turned out to be. We had Blue Sky craddled up high enough that I was able to sand, fill and fare the entire keel. Blue Sky now has a really smooth bottom! Emma's parents flew in from Tucson and the children were able to spend some great quality time with Ruth and Edward. We joined them for a trip out to Robben Island & up the cable car to the top of Table Mountain. We also made a couple of trips out to the wine farms and Phoebe and Drake had the opportunity to pet cheeta & lion cubs. The whole Cape Town area has just been a dream. We have been looked after not only by Emma's parents but Emma has a cousin here and Liz & Paul de Beers have been fantastic guides. We also have been able to connect with SoCal native Erik Bjerring who lives here now with his wife Colleen and daughter Tanille. Erik is managing the sales and marketing for Bavaria Yachts in the V and A waterfront. He knows where all the yacht supplies are and has helped us tremendously sourcing all the replacement parts to get Blue Sky back up to perfection. One more special thanks goes to Tony Gervais of 3M. He knows all the practical and ingenious solutions that made the re-fit of Blue Sky a pleasure instead of a chore! If I ever have a choice between a 3M product or a copy, I always insist on 3M.

We are now back in the water and just finishing up all the little installations that did not require us to be out of the water. Sails are being re-stiched and new UV covers sewn on. I'm having a brand new stainless radar mount manufactured that will be engineered better and stronger than the original. We are waiting on a few parts for the Yamaha outboard and I received brand new Carefree Tires from California for the dingy.

From here we will head north along the coast working our way to Namibia. From there we will make the jump to St Helena then to Brazil.

Vessel Name: Blue Sky
Vessel Make/Model: Downeaster 45 Ketch
Hailing Port: Redondo Beach
Crew: Jim, Emma, Phoebe & Drake
About: We left Redondo Beach, California (King Harbor) December 14th 2005. Circumnavigated and returned home June 13th 2011.
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Who: Jim, Emma, Phoebe & Drake
Port: Redondo Beach