Blue Sky

19 November 2010 | Panama
21 July 2010 | Curacao
02 February 2010 | Hout Bay / Cape Town
30 October 2009 | Richards Bay, South Africa
14 January 2009 | Thailand - Malaysia
28 August 2008 | Langkawi, Malaysia
05 May 2008 | Rebak Marina & Resort
16 November 2007 | Sebana Cove Marina, Melaysia
30 October 2007 | Malaysia

Rebak Marina and Resort

28 August 2008 | Langkawi, Malaysia
Emma, Phoebe & Drake had a world circumnavigation by air. They left Malaysia in July for a 6 week holiday. They first flew to the US, landing at LAX. They were met for the transfer from International terminal to the domestic by the entire Morgan family, Peterdog & Pam! They had a couple of hours together before Emma and the children boarded a flight to Tucson. There they relaxed with Grandma and Grandpa Byrne-Quinn. My family including all three sisters then made the trip from their home to Tucson for a few days of BBQ's, Mexican food, site seeing and golf. Emma and the children then flew back to Redondo Beach and had four days of fun visiting friends and neighbors. The Port Royal Yacht Club hosted one evening where friends from all over Southern California could converge for an evening of fun! After a fantastic few days, they boarded another flight for London. There they were joined again with Emma's parents. They spent a few days in London site seeing and staying with Emma's sister Sarah. They then boarded another flight up to Inverness, Scotland. There they headed to Emma's cousin, Ted's wedding. They had a plenty of time to enjoy the scenery and it reminded them of our time in New Zealand. Once back to London they boarded a direct flight from London to Kuala Lumpur. One more quick flight from there to Langkawi and a ferry ride out to our island marina and they had completed their first circumnavigation.

Where was I? Well it was haul out time and I prefer to not have Phoebe and Drake exposed to the hazzards that are boat yards. I was able to have the two polyurethane blue boot and top stripes re-done. I pulled and replaced the cutlass bearing for the propeller shaft and re-antifouled the bottom of Blue Sky. It really does not sound like much but this is SEA! More later.
Vessel Name: Blue Sky
Vessel Make/Model: Downeaster 45 Ketch
Hailing Port: Redondo Beach
Crew: Jim, Emma, Phoebe & Drake
About: We left Redondo Beach, California (King Harbor) December 14th 2005. Circumnavigated and returned home June 13th 2011.
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Who: Jim, Emma, Phoebe & Drake
Port: Redondo Beach